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LAUNCHXL-F28069M: What to do about bootloader/firmware requirements

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-F28069M
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CONTROLSUITE

I am using LAUNCHXL-F28069M. I understand that this product is a development kit and will only be used for development and that a commercial product cannot be created from it. However, if we remove the brand details, reprint, collect the components and mount the pcb circuit ourselves, then commercialization is allowed and therefore the following data is also shared.


Am I correct so far? My question starts from here.

I searched the forum, but I was directed to hundreds of pages of documents, I was very confused and could not find a solution. You can consider me as someone who knows the development kit at an average level, not the advanced level.

Now let's say I printed the pcb circuit and had it collected. Later, I will eliminate the components.

The left side consists of the JTAG emulator. My DIP switches are in 1-0-1 mode and all my jumpers are bridged except JP7. The hardware is ready, I cannot install the program from CCS Studio because I need to install the firmware first. You call this the bootloader. Right?

The bootloader for the JTAG emulator is not shared, there is some information on the remaining processors. In other words, the micro USB port is disabled/not working due to the JTAG emulator, but the program will be loaded via the pins.

What should a user who has reached this point and needs to flash firmware do? Which programs should be downloaded to which integrated devices and how? Is it possible for you to give guidance that is not too complicated on this subject?

Thank you for your attention.

  • Hi Troodon,

    I cannot install the program from CCS Studio because I need to install the firmware first.

    This statement is incorrect; you do not need to download firmware to connect via CCS.

    The bootloader for the JTAG emulator is not shared

    There is no bootloader for JTAG; there are only bootloaders needed for other boot mode communication peripherals such as SCI, SPI, etc. With JTAG, the emulator takes over.

    If you are getting started with our device or new to using C2000 devices, I would highly recommend starting with the C2000 Academy. There are modules of training content there for various topics (on a simpler and more general scale than the device technical reference manuals).

    If you are trying to connect to the device via JTAG and load code onto the device, there are hands-on lab exercises in the C2000 Academy that you can walk through to connect to a devices and load code/run the code if you are new to doing so. 

    • Basic introductory lab exercises can be found here:
    • The rest of the foundational lab exercises are found in the "Labs" tab:

    For a more detailed example, there is also an app note you may also find helpful which explains booting using the SCI peripheral and then flash programming: 

    Best Regards,