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To download Flash and to stitch

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320LF2403A

There is a board with TMS320LF2403A working and the same two boards with new (not stitched) DSP, JTAG XDS510 ISA "TI" emulators. On boards there are JTAG connectors. It would be desirable to learn as "перепрошить" FLASH from a working board on others in CCS.
In case of start of CCS of errors any doesn't jump out. I select from CCS "Debug-Connect" there is a Disassembly window in which there is a program code. Addresses 0040-0043 in which are registered by code security password are open (FFFF, FFFF, FFFF, FFFF). On boards with new DSP Erase Only it is executed, Clear Only - is executed. In the View-Memory window at the command of Erase Only there are one FFFF that is units, at the command of Clear Only of one zero. From a working board I save Flash as follows File - Data - Save further I select area of programs for this chip (0000-3FFF) and I save in the COFF format. Then I try to stitch in "on-chip flash programmer" but he writes "Conversion aborted: This file is not linked". I.e. he wants the COFF file linked, but I after all took it from one area and I want to suppose in the same area. As it is correct to make that he wants for this chip. As it is correct linked.
Where to dig, where to look for, what not so?