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Example Code for ADC operation of C28343 Experimenter's Kit

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SPRC876, ADS7865

Hi all,

I have two questions concerning the ADCs found on the C28343 Experimenter's Kit board (

  1. In the examples provided there is none that shows how the ADC should be operated. I am referring to the software pack. As far as I am able to understand, I cannot use old code for previous similar boards because the ADC is not in the processor anymore but is external.

    I am also having a hard time finding the proper literature.

    So my question is: is there any example that shows me how to operate the ADC of this kit? And what is the literature to which I should be referring to?
  2. Later on, I would like to have the ADC sample signals and then have them saved (not necessarily sample-by-sample but also in packs of samples) somewhere in memory where I can access them. I would like to have this done without the intervention of the MCU so that I am sure that processes running there do not get interrupted. My understanding is that something of this kind is possible with DMA.

    - Is this correct?

    - Is there any example that shows me how to do it?


best regards,

  • Hi Robin,

            We are working on getting example software out that shows how to use the ADC on the controlCARD. In the meantime the documentation for the ADC on the controlCARD should help you. It can be found here: We are using the ADC connected to the XINTF in a parallel connection.

         As for your second question, the DMA should be able to move data from the XINTF to other parts of memory without any problems. As for an example, I would look at the DMA examples and XINTF examples in the C28343 header files found here:

    Let me know if this helps.


  • I will have a look at the examples and the documentation related to XINTF and the DMA in the next days, which will be useful in any case.

    Do you have an (at least very coarse) ETA on when the example will be ready? Just to have an idea on whether it makes sense to wait.

  • Hi,

    I have had a look both at DMA as well as XINTF documentations. I found this tutorial on the DMA particularly helpful

    Now my understanding is that once the ADC is configured, it will save the conversion results somewhere on the XINTF blocks of memory; from there, ideally, they will be fetched by the DMA and transfered somewhere in the RAM where I can elaborate them.

    If this is correct, and given the example code from above, I think I will be able to set up the DMA to fetch the data from the XINTF memory and put it into the RAM, but I still can't figure out two things:

    1. How do I do the initial setup of the ADC? When the ADC was internal, PWM rising edges could be for example used to trigger conversions and provide the sampling frequency. And for the general setup there were the AdcRegs.XXXX which could be used to do the configuration. How do I do this now?
    2. What is the area of the XINTF memory where the ADC results are going to be saved to?

    I hope I am not making confusion,

    Thank you for your help,


  • No example code yet? [:S]

    Is it possible to have at least some concrete advice on what to do ? Like some code snippet or something, even unofficial? Just to have an idea of what kind of setup is necessary?

    I have tried to read the documentation pertaining the XINTF ( but I wasn't able to figure out much actually.. I have also tried to look for more plain explainations of XINTF but wasn't able to find anything ... is there maybe some tutorial like the one on the DMA I have posted above, but for XINTF?

    It's a bit frustrating not being able to have the ADC working since my work depends on it.

  • Here is an example project for Delfino + External ADC

  • This is very welcome, thank you.

  • Hi,
    I use the C2834x controlCARD Release1.1.
    I use also an example project for Delfino + External ADC.
    And the soft work quit well.

    I found schematic for this card type (SPRC905 - CC2834x-DIM100_SCH_V0_11.pdf) on TI Hardware Development Tools page.
    But I found that our r.1.1 card has different circuit. For example the ADS7865 ADC has set to different input common voltage. On the board we can also found many addition elements not shown on the schematic. Especially, there are on the schematic no GPIO56 and GPIO57 pin connection used in the example project for Delfino + External ADC.

    Is there new schematic for the C2834x controlCARD Release1.1?

    Best regards,