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TMX320F28335 - unable to find "FlashAPIInterface28335V2_10.out" and "rts2800_fpu32.lib", assorted issues related to flash-based applications

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I have two files that I am unable to find: "FlashAPIInterface28335V2_10.out" and "rts2800_fpu32.lib"


I believe that the newest version of the FlashAPI for the 28xx parts is v2.10.  Using "Tools->F28xx On-Chip Flash Programmer", I receive the Flash Programmer Settings Dialog.  The bottom of this dialog box has a prompt "Select version of Flash API Interface file:".  The default selection is "FlashAPIInterface28335V2_10.out", though the file does not exist on my system.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire CCS toolchain.  The only version of the file I do have is "FlashAPIInterface28335V1_01.out".  Clearly, this is not the latest version.  I am unable to find any other versions.

The second file, a runtime support library, has been referred to in TI documentation, though I am unable to locate a copy of it.  I do have rts2800_ml.lib as well as "rts2800_fpu32_fast_supplement.lib".


When connecting to the target that I have just flashed using "FlashAPIInterface28335V1_01.out", I often get the error message:

Trouble Setting Breakpoint with the Action "Terminate Program Execution" at 0x33858d: Error 0x00000008/-1076 Error during: Break Point,  Cannot set/verify breakpoint at 0x0033858D 
Breakpoint Manager: Retrying with a Legacy Hardware breakpoint

If I get a clean connect, I certainly get the above error message when loading the same .out file that I flashed the part with.

Placing a breakpoint in main() after receiving this error simply produces another and performing a run...halt yields a PC out in the middle of nowhere.

The application I am trying to use is the flash example from TI, unmodified.  All RAM-based examples work just fine.


I have downloaded and installed the following:


"ActivePerl-" <-- ActivePerl 5.8.9, which is a pre-requisite forBIOS

"bios_setupwin32_5_33_03.exe" <-- BIOS

"F2823x_RevA_CSP.exe" <-- chip support package for revA silicon, which I do not have

"F2823x_CSP_v3.3.2501.exe" <-- chip support package for 2823x and 2833x devices

"SR12_CCS_v3.3_SR_3." <-- service release 12

"C2000CodeGenerationTools5.1.3.exe" <-- latest version of code generation tools

"" <-- Flash2833x API V210

"" <-- latest BlackHawk emulator drivers for the BH-USB-2000 device I am using


Windows XP, SP2 -- 2GB ram


Hardware is a 28335 ControlCard mounted on a custom PCB with 1.25" traces for the JTAG.  No vias are present between any JTAG connections and the DIMM connector.  Supply rails are quiet.


The toolchain versions identified in the "Help->About" and subsidiary "Component Manager":



BIOS 5.33.03

Code Generation Tools 5.1.3

F28xx On-Chip Flash Programmer



  • It appears that you have all the necessary Service releases and Chip Support packages installed to find these files.

    After installing the latest CSPs and SR, the FlashAPIInterface28335V2_10.out should be in C:\CCStudio_v3.3\plugins\Flash28xx\Algorithms\28335
    Also if you have v5.1.3 of the code generation tools installed, the rts2800_fpu32.lib should be in C:\Program Files\C2000 Code Generation Tools 5.1.3\lib

    If you are still unable to locate them, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling again and follow the steps in this link to make sure the registry is cleaned before reinstall. 

    Please note that the registry clean should only be done if this is the only version of CCS installed on your machine.

    Regarding the breakpoint message, when debugging in Flash, there are only 2 hardware breakpoints available for F28xxx devices. By default, CCS sets breakpoints for CIO and end of program and uses up these 2 breakpoints. These can be disabled by going into CCS menu Option->Customize, Program/Project/CIO tab and checking the boxes for "Do Not Set CIO Breakpoint at Load" and "Do Not Set End of Program breakpoint at Load". Restart CCS after making this change and retry programming to Flash.


  • Thank you.  The registry cleanup and breakpoint options successfully addressed my issues.