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TMDSCNCDH52C1 - Contains Docking Station?

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The TMDSCNCDH52C1 page says:

"...The Concerto H52C1 Experimenter Kit has a docking station that features access to all controlCARD signals..."


    • F28M35H52C1 microcontroller based controlCARD.
    • Docking station with access to all controlCARD signals

yet when we received the item it was just the controlCARD in an envelope (the kind you normally get when buying just a controlCARD), not the controlCARD + docking station combo in a box.

Is the page description in error?  Should we contact the distributor or TI regarding the missing docking station?

On a related note, we were buying this as well as some TMDSDOCK28335 to replace some docking stations (blown by +8 V connected to the +5 V port but the +3.3 V regulator seemed to protect the controlCARD) and getting this formerly-called-Concerto controlCARD at the same time since we will soon need one.  But we really only needed docking stations and bought these since time was short.  Is it really true there's no way to buy a docking station by itself?