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HVACIMTR as generator



Does anyone have experience running the induction motor (HVACIMTR, GE 5K33GN2A)  as a generator?

Same question with the BLDC motor ( HVBLDCMTR, Anaheim Automation BLWS235D-160V-3000).

If yes, any information/ recommendation, suggestion about electrical configuration or code would be  greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Some more information: I am using the TMDSHVMTRINSPIN evaluation kit.

    Ideally I would like to use the motor to spin the induction motor (HVACIMTR, GE 5K33GN2A). So I want to make a motor/ generator pair coupled together through the shaft (or installing them side by side the using a belt to have one spin the other).

    Thank you,




  • In general, if anyone has used a induction motor as a generator with the evaluation boards or kits from TI, I would like to hear about it (techniques, limitations, software functions, controls, etc... ).  I am about to set things up in my lab and knowing of other people's experience will be invaluable.

    Thank you so much.

  • Anne-Marie,

    Yes, several customers are using InstaSPIN-FOC with motors for power generation.  E-Traction is an example, they start their Diesel engine with the motor and then it drives the motor as a generator to charge the battery system.  InstaSPIN-FOC operates in 4-quadrant operation, so it's all straighttforward.

    EXCEPT that all versions of MotorWare through _11 are not reliable on ACI motor identification.  We are about to release MW _12 which will address this for TMDSHVMTRINSPIN hardware.

    Personally, we don't work on or demonstrate generating mode very often. Just when we turn off PWMs to our inverter while the motor is spinning :)


  • Thanks Chris, much appreciated. 

    Hopefully Motorware 12 will come out soon.

    I am currently working on the setup and identifying the software functions, etc... my main goal is to stabilize but also limit the generated output voltage/ frequency from the induction generator when the prime mover (just another motor) exceeds the maximum speed.

    I am combing through the PWM and FOC techniques, but suggestions are welcome, I am still fairly new to motor control.

    Thank you,