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ADC Result of ADS8332 to SCI

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I have tried ADS8332 Interface with the TMS320F28335 and getting a good ADC Result from it but i wanted to transfer data result to PC LabVIEW by using UART FT232H, and i am having problem in which MISO data is not the same as UART data, I cut the 16it data to 3 parts 2-7bits and 1 2bits;


while(Flag == 0) { }; // Waiting for interrupt service finished

rxdata[0] = ((AdcResult & 0xFE00)>>9)+128;
rxdata[1] = ((AdcResult & 0x1FC)>>2)+128;
rxdata[2] = ((AdcResult & 0x0003))+128;

Flag = 0;


interrupt void xint1_isr(void)
AdcResult = ADS833x_ReadData();

Flag = 1;


Uint16 ADS833x_ReadData() // Read conversion data
Uint16 rData;
while(SpiaRegs.SPISTS.bit.BUFFULL_FLAG !=0) { } // Wait until SPITXBUF is free
SpiaRegs.SPITXBUF= 0xD000; // 1101 0000 0000 0000

while(SpiaRegs.SPISTS.bit.BUFFULL_FLAG !=0){} // Wait until SPITXBUF is free
rData = SpiaRegs.SPIRXBUF; // Read RXBUF to clear INT_FLAG
while(SpiaRegs.SPISTS.bit.INT_FLAG !=1){} // Wait until RX data is ready

rData = SpiaRegs.SPIRXBUF;
return rData;

void sendchar(unsigned char dd)
SciaRegs.SCITXBUF = dd;

here is also screen shot using logic analyzer