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Unlock_CSM() issue with TMS320R2812

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When I attempt to debug my TMS320R2812 (eZdspR2812), I am met with this error:
"C28xx: GEL: Error while executing OnReset(0): 'Unlock_CSM()' not found at Unlock_CSM() [r2812.gel:40]"

Should the R2812.gel contain this function? Should I comment out the call to in the .gel?
I tried substituting in the F2812's Unlock_CSM() and was met with memory access errors. Is the Unlock_CSM() function for R2812 present somewhere else?


The exact error Im getting in regards to using F2812's Unlock_CSM() is this:
"Memory map prevented reading of target memory at 0x003F7FF8@Data"

It is my understanding that if that is, indeed, the beginning of the PWL, then I should be doing "dummy reads" but I do not believe I should get this error.

I inspected the second half the Unlock_CSM() function, the one that writes all 1's to the KEY registers. These begin at 0xAE0. In the memory browser, addresses 0xAE0 -> 0xAE are all zero (0x0000). Does this mean that my microcontroller is actually permanently locked, or am I reading this the wrong way?