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TMDSCNCDH52C1: Flash locket?

Part Number: TMDSCNCDH52C1

While working the TMDSCNCDH52C1 board, suddently it seems like the flash is locket...

The card has worked without any problems, but suddently, they get an error message when trying to program the C28 flash:



The CCS setup is as follows:


And the ccxml file is attached.

When searching the E2E I have found a couple of posts with a similar issue.

Have we any knowledge about whats causing this?


Anders Lange

  • Anders,

    Did they check the security locations in Flash (CCS memory window) to make sure that they are not programmed? Since it was working fine earlier, I wonder if they have changed their application where in they programmed something in the security fields by mistake? Check the map file to make sure nothing is mapped to the security fields. Sometimes they may program them via On-chip Flash GUI fields. Open the Security fields in Flash via CCS memory window and check the values.

    Did they notice any toggle on XRSn pin?

    In CCS, did they check for all the updates and install them?

    Also, make sure the power supply is good.

    Thanks and regards,
  • Anders,

    Is this issue only for C28x? M3 programming works fine? As Vamsi mentioned, ask them to check if somehow C28x security is enabled. Ask them to open any flash location via CCS memory watch window and if they find it to be all 0x0 then C28x is secure. In that case ask them to check the value at password location and if it's visible then use those value to unlock the C28x security and then perform the flash operation.


    Vivek Singh
  • Anders,

    Also, when programming C28x, try to keep the M3 connected and halted.

    Thanks and regards,
  • The M3 flash can be reprogrammed without any problems.

    This post:

    was the answer. I was able to read the CSM and unlock the flash.

  • Anders,

    Glad that our old post helped you.

    I am closing this.

    Thanks and regards,