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F28M36P63C2: Looking for Workshop Guide and Lab Manual for TMDSDOCK28M36 Experimenters Kit

Part Number: F28M36P63C2
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CONTROLSUITE, TMDSDOCK28M36

I am in search of a Workshop Guide/Lab Manual for the TMDXDOCK28M36 Experimenter Kit.  I am trying to come up to speed on the F28M36P63C Concerto Microcontroller that is part of an existing application that needs some enhancements.  A colleague has given me the TMDXDOCK28M36 kit hardware (F28M36x controlCartd R1.1 and Docking statios R4.1) that he used a few years ago, but the software that came with it (lab exercises, solutions, etc.) is missing.  It is possible that all source code, hardware files and documentation for this kit was originally distributed through controlSUITE, but I just downloaded the latest controlSUITE and TMDXDOCK28M36 is not part of it, nor does it contain a Workshop-like package for the F28M36x in general, altough there are some example programs for the F28M36x.  Still, I thought controlSUITE kept older software releases, and I would think the instructional material that came with this kit should still exist there or somewhere on the TI website.   While I know that the TMDXDOCK28M36 is obsoleted, I *do* see that TI currently sells a TMDSDOCK28M36 Experimenter kit, which has an 'S' instead of 'X' as the fourth character in the part number, but I am not sure what difference the 'S' versus 'X' makes...?  Would code meant to run on the 'S' also work on the 'X'?  Shouldn't the software, manuals and other documentation (Workshop-like stuff) for the TMDSDOCK28M36 be in controlSUITE, since it is still active?  I don't see it in there.

Thank you