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TMS320F28335: What part of the target configuration should I modify to test 'Wait-in-Reset Emulation Mode' feature?

Part Number: TMS320F28335


I am using the TMS320F28335.

I have finished developing the firmware and activated the CSM, but I can not access the JTAG emulator after that.

I know that if I change the boot mode of the chip to 'Branch to check boot mode', I can connect.

I wonder if there is another workaround other than that.

I have heard that the JTAG emulator supports 'Wait-in-Reset Emulation Mode'.

What part of the target configuration should I modify to test this feature?

Thanks in advance.

  • Sang-il,

    The state of the TRST, EMU0, and EMU1 signals at device power up determine the operating mode of the device.

    Wait-in-reset mode prolongs the device’s reset until released by external means. This allows a C28x to power up in reset, provided external hardware holds EMU0 low only while power-up reset is active.

    For the 'Wait-in-Reset Emulation Mode', try set TRST=Low, EMU0=High, and EMU1=Low per table 7-2 in You will find more information on how to configure the pins for the desired emulation mode.

    Additionally, see page 107 in the datasheet: for more explanation on the workarounds for the problem.

  • Thank you for your quick and kind answers.
    I have just got one further question relating to the your anwser.
    Do I have to physically change the state of the TRST, EMU0, and EMU1 pins? Is it possible by modify software setting?
    Can the Wait-in-Reset Emulation Mode be implemented by changing the advanced settings of the CCS Target Configuration file?
  • Yes, I believe it should be possible. Try modifying the "Power-On-Reset Mode" and "JTAG nTRST Boot-Mode" options in the target configuration window according to the desired boot mode. See your screenshot in the question.

    That should allow you to modify those pins via software. Let me know if that is not the case.