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TMS320F28022: Sometimes words on stack don't change as expected.

Part Number: TMS320F28022

Win7 SP1 32bit, Code Composer 6.13, Piccolo 28022 running at 50MHz.

Sometimes, while stepping through my code, I fond some words on the stack do not get changed while under program control.

For example, My stack pointer may have 0x0540, and an instruction that reads (in the disassembler)...

0080c7:   2B48        MOV          *-SP[8], #0

This is intended to put a zero in location 0x0538.

But that location doesn't change.

I can use the Memory Browser window or the Variables window to alter the location manually through the debugger.

Later an instruction like...

0080e3:   0A48        INC          *-SP[8]

will not increment the word.

Words before and after that location seem to behave. I.e. variables on the stack change as expected with the usual INC or MOV instructions.

Has anybody run across this kind of behavior before?

Thanks, Mark.

  • Mark,

    Are you seeing any failure in your test/application because of this? We don't expect any issue with these instruction. Could it be CCS view issue which is causing this not be visible? Have you tried refreshing the CCS window?


    Vivek Singh

  • This issue seems vary random. It seems to be gone now.

    We had a power failure the other day and, of course, all computers and targets got a hard reset. That may have contributed to it working now.

    When I changed the values in the memory browser window I did see the change in the watches window, and vise versa.

    When this happens again, I will try refreshing the  various windows and power cycling.

    Thanks, Vivek, for taking the time to respond.