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CCS/TMS320F28376D: CCS. not able to enter debug on newer devices

Part Number: TMS320F28376D

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi Everybody , 

I have being using since long time  CCS.   + blackhawk NO  problem at all .

now   newer boards  mounting  same F28376D  , using same PC , same CCS.   and same blackhawk    I cannot enter  debug  -->  I get this error :


“C28xx_CPU1: GEL Output:

Memory Map Initialization Complete

C28xx_CPU1: Loader: One or more sections of your program falls into a memory region that is not writable.  These regions will not actually be written to the target.  Check your linker configuration and/or memory map.

C28xx_CPU1: File Loader: Verification failed: Values at address 0x93138@Program do not match Please verify target memory and memory map.

C28xx_CPU1: GEL: File: C:\Work\............\TMS320F28376D_cpu1\Debug\TMS320F28376D_cpu1.out: a data verification error occurred, file load failed.”

same newer board with newer DSP  using  another PC  with CCS 8.3  and same Blackhwak   are working  . ( only thing we were forces to change in CCS8.3 was to change to lib rts2800_fpu32.lib   to stop a compiling issue ) .

I tested  same boards  using  XDS100  exactly same behaviour 

please what can be wrong  ?   due to legacy I must stay on CCS.

in attach you have pictures of older ( working ) and newer ( NOT  working ) F28376D  devices  using CCS. .

best regards