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TMDSCNCD28035ISO: Extracting assembly code from sample code

Part Number: TMDSCNCD28035ISO


I currently have this Piccolo TMS320F28035 Isolated controlCARD.


Docking Station:

Micro Inverter Baseboard:

I am using the Solar Micro Inverter sample code located in ".../controlSUITE/development_kits/TMDSSOLARUINVKIT_v100/MicroInv_F2803x". 

I wanted to know if there was any way to extract assembly code from the executable that gets compiled? If my understanding is correct, when I build the project, I see that there is a ".out" file that is created. I am assuming this is what gets flashed onto the board when I program it? I want to take this executable and then disassemble it so I can observe the assembly code. Is this possible? I tried objdump but it did not recognize the file format. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!



  • Abraham,

    Here is a post you can reference in the interim:

    I've forward your post to the CCS folks to comment further.



  • Hi Ozino,

    I tried the method described in the first comment, and it got me what I needed for the most part (Build->Advanced Options->Assembler Options ...). In the solar micro inverter sample code I am using, it generated the .asm files for those. However, the sample code I am using has a plethora of includes and libraries that automatically get linked in when I import the project. Is there any way to get the assembly for those as well?

    As it stands now, I have the assembly for the source code already given, but not for the files/dependencies that CCS automatically imports.



  • You can disassemble your program with a utility named dis2000.  It is located in the same directory as all the compiler tools.  For a typical installation of CCS, this is that location ...


    This is a command line tool which cannot be invoked from within CCS.  It is documented in the C28x assembly tools manual.  To see the available options, run it with --help.

    Note the compiler installation includes the source code to the RTS.  For the same installation of CCS shown above, the location of the RTS source is ...


    Thanks and regards,