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CCS/TMDSCNCD28035ISO: JTAG Connectivity Issue - TMDSCNCD28035ISO

Part Number: TMDSCNCD28035ISO
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320F28035

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I have made a custom PCB by replicating the TMDSCNCD28035ISO EVM schematic. The only change I did was to use FT2232H-56Q module instead of FT2232D. 

  • I inserted the XDS100v1 template to FT2232H using FT_Prog
  • I check the JTAG signals using a logic analyser and they work fine.
  • TMS320F28035 Clock signal is working
  • TMS320F28035 1.8V regulator is working

But in the DBGJTAG program, I get the -183 error code.

I also followed the instruction from "C2000 MCU JTAG Connectivity Debug".

I need help fixing this.

Best regards,


  • Where did you get the FT_Prog image?

    How does the FTDI device show up in your PC's device manager? 

    If you have verified that your cabling is OK, it could indicate that you have wiring issue in your PCB. Are you sure that it is 100% identical to the controlCARD you mentioned?

    Finally does the F22232D have the same pinout as the FT2232H?


  • Hi Cody,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I exported the template from TMDSCNCD28035ISO EVM and applied that to the FT2232H module. I changed the chip type to 'FT2232H'.

    Device manager show the same description as FT2232D.

    Since, I'm not using a commercial JTAG debug probe, the information from the link you provided, could not be applied. Which means, the debugger do not have TDIS or TVD/TVREF pins.

    I checked the signals passing through the cable using several methods. Could not find any problems. The only difference between my design and the controlCARD is that I used the 2-pin crystal (with capacitors) rather than the 3-pin crystal.

    Yes, the F22232D have the same pinout as the FT2232H.

    Best regards,


  • Can you see both the TDI and TDO pins sending data?

    Is the TMS pin being pulled high and low correctly by the emulator?

    What frequency is the new crystal? When you configure 1MHz output from CCS's target configuration window, does it appear like the FTDI chip is outputting at ~1MHz?


  • Hi Cody,

    I can see both the TDI and TDO pins sending data.

    TMS is also working correctly. In the logic analyser, I can see the JTAG state machine executing correctly. 

    The new crystal is also 6 MHz, just like the old one.

    I need to check the 1 MHz output frequency. I will get back to you on that. 

    For now, we have decided to use the TI EVM for the development due to time constraints. 

    Best regards,


  • Sameera,

    I understand. Please note that the FT2232H is not a supported device. I do not fully comprehend the difference in the FT2232H and FT2232D, and cannot support better. Even though these are similar devices there may be a small difference which is keeping your system from working.

    If you find a solution to your problem please post back to help other in the future.