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CCS/TMDSCNCD280049C: fsi_ex1_loopback_cpucontrol.c FSI with 2 Data lanes

Part Number: TMDSCNCD280049C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMDSHSECDOCK, TMDSFSIADAPEVM, C2000WARE, TMDSCNCD28388D

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I'm running the fsi_ex1_loopback_cpucontrol.c example project on my TMDSCNCD280049C control card, TMDSHSECDOCK docking station, and TMDSFSIADAPEVM FSI adapter board.

I'm able to get the example running fine with EXTERNAL_FSI_ENABLE set to 1. However, when I try to use 2 data lanes (FSI_DataWidth nLanes = FSI_DATA_WIDTH_2_LANE;) instead of 1, my program gets interrupted and stops at line 550 in fsi_ex1_loopback_cpucontrol.c (see image below).

My setup is like the one in figure 6 of the TMDSFSIADAPEVM manual, and it's shown below. I'm using the digital isolator and LVDS. 

Is there another step in the hardware or software to get data working on 2 lanes? The only thing I changed was line 129 fsi_ex1_loopback_cpucontrol.c.

I should mention that I saw a similar E2E question (here) and I have C2000Ware - so it's not that. I also tried slowing down the signal to 25 MHz and even 5 MHz, and 2 lane data produced the same error.


  • Hi Bernard,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The software requires 2 changes to ensure external working with 2 Data Lines -

    FSI EXTERNAL ENABLE to be set as 1 and nLanes as FSI_DATA_WIDTH_2_LANE. 

    Other than that, can you confirm a couple of things?

    1. Since you are working with the TMDSCNCD280049C controlCARD, the debug configuration selected should be CPU1_RAM/CPU1_FLASH. It may happen that you have selected the debug config correctly, but missed to remove the "_LAUNCHXL_F280049C" from the predefined symbols.

    You can check that by right-clicking on the project file, then going to Properties > Build > C2000 Compiler > Predefined Symbols.

    2. Check the hardware connection by looking at the schematic of F280049C ControlCard available along with the C2000Ware.

    C2000Ware_3_03_00_00 > boards > controlCARDs > TMDSCNCD280049C > A > MCU009B(001)



  • Hey Aditya! Ok thanks for the tips!

    Yes I had FSI EXTERNAL ENABLE to be set as 1, I should've mentioned that.

    1. I'm pretty sure my debug configuration is correct, below is an image of my Predefined Symbols.

    2. I'm pretty certain that my hardware configuration is correct as the example works with 1 lane and with 2 lanes there are just minimal changes. The only changes are putting jumpers on J13 and J16 of the FSI adapter board.

    I should also mention that I'm able to get this example working with 2 data lanes if I jump the header pins on my docking station instead of the FSI pins on J1 of my controlcard.

  • Bernard,

    Thank you for the details.

    I missed to let you know that TMDSCNCD280049C provides 8-pin connector for the external FSI Adapter board connections which does not support the 2 data line transmission. Although, you will be able to use the GPIO pin outs from the TMDSHSECDOCK for the 2 data line transmission.

    The details for the same are mentioned in the FSI Adapter Board's User Guide. I have attached the essential parts of the schematic of controlCARD and User Guide below.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hey Aditya, yeah that makes sense. Thanks you! I should have checked the schematics pdf before asking.

    Now that you mention I did see that the first time I read through the FSI Adapter Board manual but I forgot about. Yes I have revision B of the control card so that explains why I don't have FSI channel 2.

    I guess just two quick follow up questions:

    1. Does this mean that revision after B for TMDSCNCD280049C and revisions after E2 of TMDSCNCD28388D do include data lane 2 on the FSI connectors?

    2. Is there a place where hardware differences between revisions of control cards are documented?

  • Bernard,

    To answer your queries, the revision of the TMDSCNCD28388D with 2 data line support has been documented and is available with the C2000Ware 3.03 version. For the support in TMDSCNCD280049C, there hasn't been the revision available with 2 data line support on the FSI header as of now.

    You may check the detailed documentation for each controlCard in the respective folder in C2000Ware.

    We do not provide any document describing differences between revisions of control card, but you can find all the upgrades from the previous version in the document.

    For this case, you can check the schematic of the latest version of TMDSCNCD28388D (B), the top right corner on page one describes the revision history. I have pasted the picture below for your reference.

    Similar thing is available for all the documents for all devices.



  • Hey Aditya! Thanks for the information.