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command line JTAG download to TMC320F2xxx devices without CCS

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How do I download to TI DSPs vis JTAG using the command line or a script?  In essence, I'd like to run this as a batch operation, but I don't see the need for a CCS license.  What's the TI sanctioned way to do this?


I found one way using an SDFlash project and prog28x.exe, but from what I read, this was no longer supported and discouraged.  I'm using an XDS510LC JTAG programmer

  • Hi,

    I'm using the XDS510LC to program the TMS320F28335 without CCS.

    The way i did this:

    -Install and install the following apps/files
    Driver of the XDS510LC
    sprc539_FLASH API
    download or get prog28x.exe

    I thought that the first 2 zip files are from the spectrum digital site, and the last one from TI.

    Start SDFlash.exe. (default C:\CCStudio_v3.3\specdig\sdflash\bin\SDFlash.exe)

    Open an example project and modify it to your .out file. Read the helpfile how to setup the options. (you need to specify for example which sections to erase)

    [.bat file]
    set ProgUtil=C:\CCStudio_v3.3\specdig\sdtsrv\Examples\eZdsp2000\bin\prog28x.exe
    set Bootloader=C:\Projects\xyz\\SDFlash_Files\Bootloader\Bootloader.sdp

    %ProgUtil% -s %Bootloader% -e -p -v

    [end .bat file]

  • This is actually how I'm doing it now, however I'm being told by TI/Spectrum Digital that prog28x is no longer supported.  That's why I'm curious, what is the "TI-approved" way to simply JTAG a bootloader onto a device in an automated/batch way?