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TMDSCNCD28069MISO: Setting of SW3 on control card

Part Number: TMDSCNCD28069MISO

qsg_gui_instaspin_motion.pdf page 6 recommends setting SW2: UP-UP. HVMTR EVM HW Guide Page 12 Fig 4  asks to disconnect USB-toSerial Adapter RX, wouldn't this imply SW3 UD-DN? 

  • You can set both positions of SW3 to ON for enabling the USB JTAG and RS-232, or just set position 1 to ON for only enabling the USB JTAG.

  • I direct your attention to the following warning in the HW Guide for HVMTR EVM (qsg_gui_instaspin_motion.pdf)

    IMPORTANT: The kit may also be used with isolated versions of these controlCARDs. The “-ISO” suffix on the controlCARD model i.e. TMDSCNCD28069MISO, indicates the card provides emulation and USB-to-UART functionality. There are additional switches present on the card one of which can disconnect the UART-to-Serial adapter on the card from the C2000 device. Due to a contention problem with the UART connection on the board, the UART-to-Serial adapter on “–ISO” controlCARDs MUST ALWAYS be disconnected. Refer to the controlCARD documentation found in controlSUITE for switch settings. If not disabled, the UART-to-Serial adapters on the controlCARD and board may be damaged. Currently, there is no means to disconnect the UART interface on the HVDMC board. Future revisions of the kit will correct this issue. Meanwhile, if UART is to be used, use the connection provided on the TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT board. Fig 4 provides a graphical representation of the issue.

    I am using TMDSCNCD28069MISO.  Has the contention mentioned above been resolved ? I am using HVMTRKIT with yellow PCB and black enclosure 

  • There is an on-board emulator on HVMTR kit, So don't use the onboard XDS100 emulator when using a controlCARD with its own onbard emulation by populating jumper M3-J5. Both USB JTAG and UART will use the connections on controlCard.

  • Yanming,

    Thanks for your reply but you didn't answer my question: SW3 on F2806X daughter card should be closed (as mentioned in qsg_gui_instaspin_motion.pdf page 6) or left open as recommended in HVMTR EVM HW Guide Page 12? Looking at the schematics of HVMTR and F2806X daughter card I see the following connections:

    On HVMTR board O/P of U7(ISO7220) is brought out to 100 pin DIMM connector J1 Pin 43. This is also marked as Micro-block M3 Pin 5(TX). I don't see any jumper or switch to disconnect this pin from J1.

    When I plug F2806X daughter card in J1, this signal is routed to GPIO28 of U1 and a Pin labeled RX. Pin marked RX gets routed to Pin RX-S when switch SW3 is closed. RX-S is connected to U21 pin 7 which is an O/P. So unless there is a mismatch between schematic and board layout closing SW3 will short F2806X U21 Pin 7 to HVMTR U7 Pin  7. Since both are O/Ps there will be possible damage to either or both parts.

    I fail to understand what jumper M3-J5 which you mentioned has to do with this.

  • You don't need to use the emulator and RS232 from the USB connector on the HVMTR board since you are using the TMDSCNCD28069MISO controlCard.

    You might find and have a look at the guide in the folder below


  • I am using the Jtag interface provided on the F2806X daughter card. I am using the MINi usb connector. The Jtag interface on the HVMTR invertor cannot be used with F2806XMISO card because according to the schematic of F2806X the Jtag pins from the CPU are not brought out to the 100 Pin DIMM connector. I would also like to use the secondary RS232 Port provided on the same MINi usb port to control the drive but I cannot unless I turn SW3-2 ON. According to one document turning this switch ON would cause conflict with the isolation buffer on the HVMTR board causing damage to the part, other document conflicts this. Please go through the entire email thread listing the relevant documents and sections and advice. I was able to use both the Jtag and RS232 Port on the Mini USB when I plugged it in the low voltage drv8312 invertor.

  • I was able to use both the Jtag and RS232 Port on the Mini USB when I plugged it in the low voltage drv8312 invertor.

    If you can use them on DRV8312-kit, you can use them on the High Voltage kit also, you just need to insert jumper [M3]-J5 and remove jumper [Main]-J9 on the high voltage kit.

  • I fixed the issue by making hardware change, I am closing the issue.