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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-F28069M


Good day.

Our customer bought the LAUNCHXL-F28069M and BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV and they are having trouble on using it. Kindly see their inquiry below.

"Attached are the directory structure of the CCS installation and the help->about dialog box of CCS. These are the items I have installed; if not I'll gladly provide you with whatever you need.

What I am trying to accomplish is to locate the BUCKXTL-BUCKCONV sample application, build it, load it onto the F28069M, and run it.  Then I want to experiment with different buck control typologies. Beyond that I want to use what used to be called powersuite to generate different control configurations for the Buck converter.  In addition i want to use the SFRA component to analyze the frequency response of the various configurations.

At the moment my problem is I cannot even find the sample BUCK software for the F28069M.  I am confused about how CCS works.  I have a little experience with tool chains form other vendors, STM32CubeIDE, IAR, CODE, and others.  These all have similar structures as does Eclipse; CCS is apparently much more.

I have found some examples for the F28069M and have attempted to build them. One had linker errors because the sample had a non standard entry point name.  I was able to build the led blink sample without error, but I could not find a way to upload it to the F28069M.  There was no "Upload", "Run", or "Debug" control that I could find.

So, in summary, I think my difficulty boils down to finding the sample applications for the BUCK converter and loading the compiled and linked code onto the F28069M and debugging it.

Any help you may be able to provide will greatly appreciated.


Looking forward to your inputs.



  • Cedrick,

    Thanks for reaching out to the E2E forums.  I'm going to give some links to the cloud based implementations, but you can also find these in the PowerSUITE SDK which is a separate install vs C2000Ware.

    In order to import these examples you'll need to use the resource explorer inside of CCS View->Resource Explorer then navigate to the Software->Digital_Power_SDK->Development Kits->TIDM-DC-DC-BUCK-...(image below) or cloud resource explorer

    Let me know if you are able to get things going from there.



  • Hello Matthew,

    Thank you for your help.

    I've received a feedback from our customer  and they need further help.

    ""I have already done the things outlined outlined in your response.  I have attached a screen image of what the the referenced project looks like on my CCS screen.  As you can see, TIDM-DC-DC-BUCK-DC-DC->Example-Projects->F28004X exists but there is no similar example styled F28069M.  It may be that the one styled F28004X is a sort of generic project that can be used with the F28069M; I don't know.  The documentation describing using the F2004X does not mention the F28069M.  I don't think I know enough to be able to port the ...4x to the ...69M.""

    Can you please assist us with this? Thank you.




  • Cedrick,

    My apologies, I had seen the 28069 example in the install directory but I didn't notice that the resource explorer was only showing the F28004x implementation.

    I will follow up with the team on how to get this fixed.

    In the meantime, customer can download controlSUITE.  They will find the F28069 project in this path: C:\ti\controlSUITE\development_kits\BOOSTXL_BUCKCONV\v1_00_00_00\Buck_VMC_F28069M



  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for this.

    Our customer have an additional inquiry. Can you please help us further? Thank you.

    ""I have hit a new problem. I am trying to include the SFR into the buck converter code. I am following the instructions given in your publication "C2000 Software Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) Library and Compensation Designer. User's Guide." On page 11 of that document, section 3.4.3, in says in regards to adding include directories to the project, "NOTE: The exact locations may vary depending on where controlSUITE is installed and which other libraries the project is using." I assume one must provide the exact location of the libraries; what are they/ The very next line says Link SFRA Library (SFRA_IQ_Lib.lib) to the project, SFRA lib is located at: controlsuite\development\libs\app_libs\SFRA\vx\SFRA_IQ\lib" The file referenced here does not exist. Further, a file named "SFRA_IQ_lib.lib" doesn't exist anywhere in the TI subdirectory on my computer.

    This documentation is clearly outdated and insufficient, can you provide upto date instructions for the SFRA?



  • Cedric,

    The path should be C:\ti\controlSUITE\libs\app_libs\SFRA\, this exists in my installation of controlSUITE.