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RTOS: Problem in procession of download . blind.out file

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


I am studying  RTOS of c2000

I have installed RTOS of c2000 in ccs 6.2 .  then I read the student study PDF:

IN "TI _RTOS_Kernnel_Workshop_student"  , I read follow :


then ,I do lab1 with my f28069 card . but ,  I meet problem.  :  when I download  that " blink.out" of 28xx ,    it can not be end of download .

like this:

 out file.path:


ccs show :


My f28069 card is fine ,  i tested it  whith download other .out.file .

I do now why TI support that blink.out can no download , plese support me.


best regard !