TMS320F28035: EPWM duty match while CBC occurs

Part Number: TMS320F28035

Hi C2000 expert,

I'm trying to use F28035 in HSFB topology with PCMC control algorithm.

Now I'd would like to know if this device support duty match or not?

For example, if epwm1A and epwm1b are connected to primary side mosfet, epwm2a, epwm2b are used to control sencondary side mosfet. If CBC occurs on EPWM1A, i would like EPWM1B have same duty cycle with EPWM1A, is it possible to relized?

Below is the waveform what I want, CBC occurs on EPWM1A, EPWM1B should keep the same pulswidth with EPWM1A, is it possible? Thanks...



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