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C2000 Forum Usage, Guidelines, and Tips!

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Welcome to the C2000 Forums!

Following these guidelines will help you get the most from the C2000 forum. 

In general:

  • Searching
    • If you have a question or a problem, use the forum search function or look for a tag in the taglist to see if someone has already answered your question.
  • New Posts
    • Follow the guides below to help us be more responsive.
    • Avoid posting your question at the end of an old thread that may or may not be related to your question.

  • Verify Answer
    • If a post answers your question, please click the "verify answer" button. 
    • If your problem is resolved before we respond, please post a follow-up to let us know.
  • Tagging Posts
    • Avoid putting tags on your question.
    • We encourage you to put tags on posts that provide an answer to the question to assist others when searching the forums for answers.

Other Resources:


Before Posting:

Review the errata and data manual for the device

  • Check the errata for the particular device against your project
  • If your project violates some data manual parameter (voltage, timing, pin connection, etc) then TI cannot guarantee error-free operation of the device. Characterization of the device outside the datasheet limits has not been performed so it is not possible to predict the level of susceptibility an application sees when in this scenario.

General New Post Guidelines:

Providing the following information will enable the debug process:

Device identification:

  • Please provide the complete package symbolization, a photo of the top of the device, or the following information:
    • The full part number (TMS320F28335GHH, TMX320F28377DPTP, etc)
    • Device Production Status (TMX, TMP, or TMS)  
    • Device Revision (Rev 0, Rev A, Rev B, etc)

How pervasive is the problem:

  • Device: Is the problem seen on only one device, a few devices, all devices?
  • Hardware: Is the problem seen on only one board, a few boards, all boards?
  • Software: Is the issue seen using TI example code (or a known working software solution)?

 Tools and hardware versions:

  • Indicate the revision of all applicable parts of the system
    • Tools: Compiler, Code Composer Studio, controlSUITE, Flash programmer, etc
    • Hardware: controlCARD, Launchpad, custom board, TI development kits, etc

 Flash tools:

  • Which tool, including version, is being used to program the flash?
  • If it is a 3rd party tool, try contacting the vendor.
  • If the tool issues an error message, what is the exact error? 
  • Can the error be reproduced and if so how.

 First debug steps:

  • What are the error messages (if applicable)?
  • Are there temperature and/or voltage dependencies?
  • Has power, ground, and all connections been checked?
  • Is it frequency dependent?
    • What is the input clock source?
    • What is the XCLKOUT frequency?
    • What are the PLL settings?
    • Are the flash waitstates set correctly? 
    • Does the problem resolve with a slower clock or more flash waitstates?
  • Are there oscilloscope plots that describe the problem?
  • Does the XRSn signal toggle when the problem is seen? 
  • Were any changes made to the board design before this problem was seen?

 Provide a test case:

  • If the problem can be reproduced with a simple test case it will accelerate resolution.  The simpler the better.