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CCS/TMS320F28335: TMDSDOCK28335

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Part Number: TMS320F28335

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What is the meaning of ".all "in "EPwm1Regs.AQCTLA.all = 0x0006;", while generating a 1kHz carrier signal?

  • Sandeep,

    you have two options for this:

    1. ".bit"
      1. Use this if you wish to write to a specific bit or set of bits that have been named for example the "CBD" set to "Force ePWMxA output high, EPwm1Regs.AQCTLA.bit.CBD=0x2.
    2. ".all"
      1. Use this if you wish to write to the full register all at once. Again, for example, lets set the "CBD" bits equal to 2: EPwm1Regs.AQCTLA.all= 0x0800.
      2. Be careful when using .all because it can overwrite other bits in the register, its best to use a read, modify, write structure when using this.


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