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File SPRC FLASH APIs to F28207 and F28069 for CCS 5.3 and 5.5

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SPRC848, CONTROLSUITE


I'm programming on Piccolo F28027 and F28069 by MatLab


I would like to program in the flash memory of the microcontroller.

I walked into the Ti site and downloaded the file that had the SPRC848 API for Flash

the F2802x, but for versions 3.3 and 4.0 of the Code Composer generating errors.

I would get the FLASH API file for version 5.3 and 5.5 of the Code Composer.

Anyone know how to solve this problem or have the files to pass me?

Best regards

  • Hello Patrick,

    As indicated on the SPRC848 website you cited, the newer versions of the flash APIs are found in ControlSuite.  You should download it from the TI web, and install on your PC.  You'll find the flash APIs located on your PC here:


    The flash APIs really have nothing to do with the CCS version.  They are just code.  More likely, you're having some conflicts with the compiler version the APIs were built with, and the compiler version you're using by default with the older CCS versions.



  • Patrick Almeida said:
    I'm programming on Piccolo F28027 and F28069 by MatLab Simulink.

    I would like to program in the flash memory of the microcontroller.

    It occurs to me Patrick.  The flash APIs are designed for people designing custom, in-field flash reprogramming.  For example, you want your application code to be able to update in the field via some serial port.  Is this what you are trying to do, or are you just trying to flash the code generated by Matlab into the device?

    If you're just trying to flash the code generated by Matlab, it would need to be incorporated into a regular code project and then flashed using Code Composer Studio debugger.

    - David


  • Hello David,

    I selected the path you showed me, both in the environment variables as

    within Simulink, as pictures below.


    But now gave error version of CCS.

    There is no way to create the code in CCS 5.3 using flash?

    I have to add some path in CCS referring to flash?

    Best regards.

  • Patrick,

    You are showing screen shots from Matlab/Simulink configuration.  Shouldn't you be asking the Mathworks people about this (i.e., the Matlab/Simulink people)?  TI doesn't really know much about the configuration of their product, and it seems that it is Simulink and/or the C2000 Simulink toolbox that is having the configuration problem.  Have you asked the Mathworks how to configure the tool?

    - David

  • Hi,

    I am also using F28069 with Matlab2013a simulink, I am new to this processors, can you provide me details how to interface F28069 with Matlab simulink.

    Kindly provide me the procedure and if possible any examples are there please provide me.

    Thanks in advance!!