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Part Number: TMDSDOCK28379D
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMDSCNCD28379D, LAUNCHXL-F28379D


I want to buy TMDSDOCK28379D but then, my friend said that I can think more and take a look at DSpace1104.

I have searched but haven't found that much information about the differences between DSpace1104 and TMDSDOCK28379D.

Please advise.


  • FM,

    Please note that we develop the TMDSDOCK28379D hardware in house and support it through this forum. We do not support DSpace1104, DSpace is a separate entity.

    I'm certain that the correct answer lies in what you are trying to do with the hardware. If you are interested in using embedded coder please note that that is supported by the F28379D class of devices and Mathworks has their own support forums specific to using embedded coder with C2000.

    I was unable to see the cost of the DSpace device, but I can't fathom that it would be cheaper than a TMDSDOCK28379D. Please note that TMDSDOCK28379D is evaluation hardware and is not expected to be used in any end system. It is expected that after prototyping that the system designer will develop their own hardware.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response.

    I know DSpace1104 is not being supported by TI. Maybe I should add a few lines to my question that my project is more on power electronics and drives.

    Using an embedded coder is not superiority (at least for me).

    I actually want to develop the hardware but I wanted to see maybe a table of comparison among DSpace1104 and TMDSDOCK28379D.


  • F M,

    I do not have any information on the DSpace1104. If you have a question on if TMDSDOCK28379D supports something I can help comment.

    The TMDSDOCK28379D  was designed to be an evaluation module for F28379D, it shows off the core device functionality. It is well suited for drive applications, but is a controller board not a power electronics board. You certanly can develop your own inverter, but we offer some which have been designed to work with TMDSCNCD28379D, one of the boards included in the TMDSDOCK28379D kit.

    Check out our applications page. 

    A LAUNCHXL-F28379D might also be of interest to you, but you can see the boards in which it interfaces with. Please also note that this page will mention many other evaluation modules for other devices, many of which are well suited for drives applications.


  • Thanks for your guidance. Useful information was given.

    So, let's see if anyone else has information about DSpace1104.

  • F M,

    i will ask around, but I don't suspect we will have any systemic knowledge.

    This page contains some of their marketing contents.