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[FAQ] Flash: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I find answers to frequently asked questions related to C2000 flash on TMS320F28M35x, TMS320F28M36x, TMS320F2837xD, TMS320F2837xS, TMS320F2807x, TMS320F28004x, TMS320F28002x, TMS320F2838x devices?

Answer: Below FAQ posts answer several questions on flash API, ECC, programming tools, ECC linker options and flash based project development.

1. [FAQ] FAQ on Flash API usage for C2000 devices: 

2. [FAQ] FAQ for Flash ECC usage in C2000 devices - Includes ECC test mode, Linker ECC options: 

3. [FAQ] : How can we improve the Flash tool performance?: 

4. [FAQ] Flash - How to modify an application from RAM configuration to Flash configuration?: 

Note: Application note on Running an Application from Flash (spra958) is not updated for the listed devices in the question of this post.  Hence use this FAQ #4 along with this application note.  We plan to update this application note in 2021.

5. [FAQ] TI C2000 Device Programming Tools and Services: 

6. [FAQ] Product Change Notice (PCN) 20180523001.1 for TMS320F2837x and TMS320F2807x devices:

7. Application note on serial (SCI) flash programming: Serial Flash Programming of C2000™ Microcontrollers(sprabv4)

8. Application note on copying entire application from flash to RAM: Copying Compiler Sections from Flash to RAM on the TMS320F28xxx DSCs (spraau8)

Note: In the latest C2000 devices, the on-chip flash memory is tightly integrated to the CPU, allowing code execution directly from flash through 128-bit-wide prefetch reads and a pipeline buffer. Flash performance for sequential code is equal to execution from RAM. Factoring in discontinuities, most applications will run with an efficiency of approximately 80% relative to code executing from RAM. This flash efficiency lets designers realize a 2× improvement in performance when migrating from the previous generation of MCUs.  Hence, there is no need to copy the entire application from flash to RAM.  We recommend copying only time-critical ISRs and any device/flash configuration routines that need to execute from RAM.


Vamsi Gudivada

C2000 Systems SW Engineering