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About Hercules SafeTI Diagnostic Library TAU (TMS570LC43x) for Qualification - Test Act Problem

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS570LC4357, HALCOGEN

I need to qualificate test about SafeTi Diagnostic Lirary using by TMS570LC4357.

So, I request SafeTi Diagnostic Lirary using by TMS570LC4357 in "Ti home page". I received "SafeTI Diagnostic Library-tau-TMS570LC43x-2.4.0_LDRA_Less-installer.exe"

Install this package, I can show the report of SafeTi Diagnostic Lirary using by TMS570LC4357 tested by Ti. But I need to test by myself. 

when I try to test by myself, there are some problems,

First, my test environment.

1. Hardware : Our configured board (The board is made as ti guide. We already use the SafeTi Diagnosis Library well)

2. Software

  1) Use the project in "SafeTI Diagnostic Library-tau-TMS570LC43x-2.4.0_LDRA_Less-installer.exe"

  2) LDRAUnit set as the user guide.

  3) Complier use "ccs8" -> so, the complier use "ti-cgt-arm_18.1.4.LTS"

The changed Test environment

1. Sci port :  We use Sci port 4 in TMS570LC4357

   1) I set bit 17 of sciREG4->GCR1 by following the guide ("HL_sci.c" in the root "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\demo_app\HALCoGen\TMS570LC4357_NoOS\source")

   2) sciREG1 -> sciREG4 in "ldra_port.c" in the root "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\Test\TMS570LC43x\SafetyLibrary\Tests\source"

2. Change the Cmd file

  ->  Build is failed, when I use "SL_TMS570LC4357_NoOS_sys_link.cmd" in "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\Test\TMS570LC43x\SafetyLibrary\Tests\source"

      So, I use "SL_TMS570LC4357_NoOS_sys_link.cmd" in "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\build\TMS570LC4357_NoOS"

Then, the test is stopped following state, 

The Debugger is stopped when system reset state.  

Please let me know, why the system is stopped in this state.