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I need a help on HALCoGen (MCAL) configuration for SPI to interface BOOSTXL-CANFD-LIN for TMS570LC43x Launchpad

My selection is MIBSPI3 -- SPI

what all need to select in PINMUX 

B2 --- MIBSPI3NCS[2]

C3 --- MIBSPI3NCS[3]

E3 --- MIBSPI3NCS[4]

V5 --- MIBSPI3NCS[1]



V10 --- MIBSPI3NCS[0]



Mainly NCS [0] to NCS [5] is needed one itself is ok ?


  • Hello,

    Yes, only one CS is needed. 

    Four-pin option can be used:  MIBSPI3CLK, MIBSPI3SIMO, MIBSPI3SOMI, MIBSPI3NCS[0] or [2]...

    If the CANFD controller has nSPIENA signal, you can use 5-pin option: CLK, SOMI, SIMO, CS, and nSPIENA

  • Thanks for your response.

    I need a help to modify the TCAN4x5x_SPI.c driver according to TMS570LC43xx MCU in which SPI.c and SPI.h is generated using HALCoGen Tool.

    The example code for  BOOSTXL-CANFD-LIN  SPI to CAN FD SBC + LIN transceiver BoosterPack™ plug-in module.

    These two APIs are not generated using HALCoGen for TMS570LC43xx MCU 

    What is the replacement API need to use for this TCAN4550 SPI to CAN driver? 


    The HL_SPI.c driver which I have generated consist of these APIs 


    Please suggest me for API GPIO_setOutputLowOnPin and EUSCI_B_SPI_transmitData ?

    If you have TCAN4550 driver for this particular MCU TMS570LC4357  suggest me. 

  • Hello,

    I have example code for TMS570LS12x + TCAN455x. The example uses the SPI standard mode. You can modify the example code for LC43x device.

  • Hi QT Wang,

    I need to understand the SPI configuration is made in HALCoGen specifically for MIBSPI1 , MIBSPI3, SPI1 and SPI3  driver  

    In Driver Enable Tab --> selected Enable SPI 1 and SP2 But my question is then why in PINMUX Tab it is MBISPI1 and MBISPI3 ?

    Can you share me the details of MCAL configuration in HALCoGen for SPI ?

    Thanks for example in TMS570 itself it is very helpful.

  • Hello,

    1. "Driver Enable" is to select the peripherals used in your application. The HALCoGen will generate source files for those selected peripherals. The HALCoGen will not generate source files for peripherals which are not selected here.

    2. Pinmux: The device has a lot of functionality but limited number of pins. Even though a single pin can only perform one function at a time, they can be configured internally to perform different functions. This is called pin multiplexing,  i.e. one pin can perform multiple functions. The HalCoGen pinmux panel lists all the multiplexed inputs and multiplexed output. This is your choice to select which function is used for a particular pin.

    3. The HALCoGen doesn't do MCAL configuration.