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TMS570LC4357, detect single bit error in L2FMC and L2RAM

Hi all,

what should I do to detect single bit errors in L2FMC / L2RAM ?

And what are the ESM channels for those errors ?


Best regards


  • Hello Lars,

    The ECC is enabled by default, any single-bit ECC error is corrected during reading. For error in SRAM, the corrected data is written back to SRAM too. The single-bit error doesn't go to ESM except for the following two cases:

    1. Single-bit error during implicit reading (read TI OTP) (ESM 1.6)

    2. Single-bit ECC error during CPU writing SRAM (ESM 1.26)

  • Hi,
    I know that ECC is enabled by default and that single bit errors are corrected.
    But I want to detected single bit errors in L2FMC and L2RAM.

    I found the following sentence in the reference manual (spnu563.pdf):
    “If the SERRENA bits in EPCCNTRL register are enabled, the singlebit error correctable fault event will be triggered to ESM.”
    For me it seems that I have to activate the SERRENA Bit, I can do that in my software by calling the function “epcEnableSERREvent”.
    But is that enough to detect single Bit erros in L2FMC ? And if I do it in this way what kind of ESM interrupt channel is trigger ?

    The same for L2RAM, I found the register “RAMCTRL”, Bit 4 “CPUWSC”. I think if I set bit CPUWSC  to “1” (Enable single bit error status capture and ESM notification.) single
    bit error on L2RAM are detected and if an single bit error is detected ESM 26 is activated.

    I don’t know if I am on the right way.

    Best regards

  • Hello Lars,

    Yes, you can use EPC to collect the single-bit error stored in EPC CAM (Content Addressable Memory). but no all the correctable errors are registered into CAM. TMS570LC43x has 32-entry CAM.

    For single-bit error, if the error address is not in the CAM list, the ESM 1.4 will be set. If the error is already in the CAM list, the fail will be discarded and no ESM channel will be set.

    ESM1.4 is EPC correctable error. You can read the CAM content registers to determine which memory location has the correctable fault. 

    If CPUWSC is enabled, the single-bit ECC error from CPU write (not read) will be reported to ESM 1.26.