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MSP430FR2100: Enabling and utilizing the internal 1.5V reference for ADC measurement

Part Number: MSP430FR2100

I am trying to utilize the internal 1.5V reference as my ADC voltage reference. First, I enable the reference by setting:


Then I wait for the REFBGRDY and REFGENRDY to go high, which they do.

For the ADC settings, I am selecting ADCSREFx = 001b in ADCMCTL0 (utilize VREF as Vr+)

Now, when I measure a 1.0V input, I am getting all 0x3ff (all 1's) for my conversion result, which is incorrect.

I have been able to successfully measure the 1.0V input using ADCSREFx = 000b (utilize AVCC as Vr+), so I am confident that my ADC settings are correct.

As an experiment, I set ADCSREFx = 000b and then measured Channel 13, which should return the measurement of the 1.5V reference, but I got all zeros.

So it appears my 1.5V reference is not generating the voltage. How can I enable it?

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