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MSP430FR5962: IDE Bug? Brace matching doesn't honour compiler directives (#if) and matches against disabled branches

Part Number: MSP430FR5962

I have a few #if compiler options in my code to handle some if-else branching depending on the options for a protocol stack.

When using the IDE to perform brace matching to identify blocks, the non-compiled branch (e.g., #else branch) has the brace matching mechanism jump to that area, instead of the actually active code.  As such, brace matching past the compiled-out code becomes out-of-sync (code may be okay, this could just be an IDE issue--to be verified).

Please referring to this example, where SNAP_NUM_PREAMBLE_BYTES is 1 (> 0), meaning that the #else case here is not included in the resulting code and is greyed out.  However, brace matching ignores th greyed-out section and matches to the first brace found, rather than the actual brace that gets compiled in.  This results in brace mismatch for statements above the #else statement due to the mismatch.

                if ( rxChar == SNAP_PREAMBLE_BYTE ) {
                    info_p->preamble_start = true;
                else if ( rxChar == SNAP_SYNC_BYTE ) {
                if ( rxChar == SNAP_SYNC_BYTE ) {
                    // sync byte code
                    // check preamble type
                    switch ( info_p->preamble_type ) {
                    case SNAP_PREAMBLE_NONE:
                        info_p->rx_frame_state = SNAP_RXFS_HDR2;
                    case SNAP_PREAMBLE_RELAXED:
                        if ( info_p->preamble_count == 0 ) {
                            info_p->fault_type = SNAP_FAULT_BAD_PREAMBLE;
                            info_p->rx_frame_state = SNAP_RXFS_PROCESS_FAULT;
                            redo_flag = true;
                        else {
                            info_p->rx_frame_state = SNAP_RXFS_HDR2;

<< ... >>

I haven't checked the resulting code but believe the code is likely okay--this bug appears to just be an IDE brace matching issue.  I get no compiler problems with my code; this is just a coding/debugging/visualization issue.