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MSP430FR5964: Set Condition of SVSHIFG

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Part Number: MSP430FR5964

Hi experts,

Please let me confirm the following description of SVSHIFG in "2.3.3 PMMIFG Register" of the User's Guide.

Q1:Is it correct that "high-side SVS levels" means SVS H_IT+ and "brownout levels" means SVS H_IT-?

Q2:Is it correct that the condition for SVSHIFG=1 to be set is that the DVCC is between SVS H_IT- and SVS H_IT+ after the DVCC falls below SVS H_IT+?(Same as SVMHIFG in the figure below.)
Or does it mean that the condition for SVSHIFG=1 to be set is between DVCC being below SVS H_IT- and DVCC being above SVS H_IT+?(Same as SVSHIFG in the figure below.)

Figure 1-4. High-Side and Low-Side Voltage in "PMM Module (Chapter Excerpt From MSP430x5xx Family, SLAU208) (Rev. F)". Failure and Resulting PMM Actions

What I would like to achieve is to monitor the supply voltage to the microcontroller and output a message to the outside when a voltage drop is detected while the microcontroller is running. In the case of the former (SVS H_IT- < DVCC < SVS H_IT+), monitoring SVSHIFG may be able to output an error message to the outside when a voltage drop is detected. Otherwise, I think there is no other way but to monitor the power supply using the microcontroller's internal ADC or external IC and notify the microcontroller when a voltage drop is detected. If there is a way to achieve this other than the above or SVS, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Best regards,

  • Hi O.H,

    1. I agree with your interpretation.

    2. It is the 2nd case. The condition to set SVSHIFG = 1 should match SVSHIFG in the figure you've included (when DVCC is below SVS H_IT+ and at SVS H_IT-).

    3. Based on this related thread, I don't think you would be able to get the SVS interrupt before BOR. The thread I just linked and this one discuss using ADC or external components for monitoring supply voltage. Here are some FR5969 examples you may find relevant based on the solutions discussed in the threads: COMP_E, ADC battery monitor. You should be able to port these to FR5964.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Urica Wang,

    Thank you for your answer and information.

    I understood that this is not possible with PMM's features. I will check for a workaround in software using ADC or comparator.

    Best regards,