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MSP430FR6928: Problem after WDT reset

Part Number: MSP430FR6928


My question is about condition after WDT reset. My code is running normally after power up however, while power is steady, I want to reset mcu with wdt intentionally (for testing wdt; by calling the loop "while(1)" or stop kicking the wdt) and after wdt reset, mcu is started again but locked with the “__bis_SR_register(GIE);”  than code goes to 0x0004 address with this warning;

"Break at address "0x0004" with no debug information available, or outside of program code."

I can fix this situation only by resetting the mcu by power off-on. 

What can cause this this problem?

  • Hello,

    Are you seeing this behavior during an active debug session in CCS? Does it happen when you’re not debugging? You could add code to set or toggle a GPIO to know where the code is at.

  • Hi,

    I see the behavior during both debug session in CCS and normal usage of the system. It seems one of my interrupt cant be handled. What may be the difference between the situations after wdt and power on? After both situations, code comes to beginning of the main() however, after wdt reset the code is stucked with line setting GIE.

  • I debugged all my ISR one by one and I found one of them, timer A2 CCR1 interrupt, isn’t handled. To solve this problem I started this interrupt as disabled and I enabled it after setting GIE. Also I tried reset all registers of timer A2, just before “while(1)” and the wdt reset works correctly however It is not possible to know when wdt reset is happened in the field :) this is just a verification of the situation.

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