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ENERGYTRACE: CSV export without quotes



Since excel sucks as an actual plotting tool, is there a way to get energytrace to save its data without a quotation marks around the numbers? This makes it much easier to import using Matlab without having to find and delete every quote.


  • Hey Munan,

    Sorry for the delay.  I've never tried exporting from energy trace before, but like you see, the data only comes out in .csv with data surrounded in " "   Unfortunantly, There doesn't seem to be any way in CCS to change this. 

    For a easy "hack" myself in Visual Studio code, I just did a find replace all for the " and left the replace blank and it deleted them all at once.  Hope that works for you.  



  • Hey JD,

    Yeah I ended up using a Linux utility

    tr -d '"'

    Since the file was getting so large that a search and replace in a text editor wasn't working well.


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