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MSP-FET430U20: UDEV Script

Part Number: MSP-FET430U20
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-FET, MSP-FLASHER


Good Day. I have a customer who is working with MSP-FET430. Please see below the query of our customer for your reference.

We have been using MSP-FET for a long time with the x86 version MSP430Flasher_1.3.4 on Windows XP

We need to install to use on Linux and not abandon Windows XP

On the TI site, the MSP430Flasher available versions  start at 1.3.10.
The bit depth of the installer is not specified. For example MSPFlasher-1.3.15-windows-installer.exe x86 or x64? Or both?
I downloaded the latest version 1.3.20. It was installed on Windows XP in a separate folder MSP430Flasher_1.3.20.

PROBLEM 1: MSP430Flasher_1.3.4 continues to work normally. MSP430Flasher_1.3.20 at startup gives an error "application not for Windows32"

Result: I cannot update my MSP-FET firmware with a fresh one.

Problem 2: I installed on Linux Mint 20. It starts up, detects the connected MSP-FET, informs about the need to update the firmware, starts updating the firmware and after several flashes of LEDs on the MSP-FET it aborts the update process. I receive a non-working MSP-FET. After that, MSP-FET is not found on Linux. I solved this problem three times by connecting MSP-FET to Windows XP and using the command "C:/ti/MSP430Flasher_1.3.4/MSP430Flasher.exe -n NO_TARGET "   The firmware is being restored.
We get again a working MSP-FET with the old firmware up-to-date for version 1.3.4.

As a result, the more we delve into the details, the more questions arise.

1. Which last version of MSPFlasher supports Windows XP?

2. How to update the firmware and not get a brick?
2.1 I hope that with the latest firmware version 1,3,20 will work on Linux. Or is my hope unfounded?

3. Will updated MSP-FET with the latest firmware work well on Windows XP on the old version MSP430Flasher_1.3.4?

4. Why do we get a brick when we update the firmware on Linux? On Windows XP even MSP-FET with damaged firmware is detected and restored.
4.1 Script that adds UDEV-rules for the programmer to Linux will solve the problem?  Where can I get it on TI site ?
    I found a script    in the / home / dg8357 / ti / MSP Flasher v1.3.20 / Drivers folder    but it did not help me in any way.

We do not have Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and will not appear.
I don't have time to experiment with finding a version that might suddenly work.

5. What options are there to use MSP-FET on both Windows XP and Linux?

Best Regards,

Ray Vincent

  • Hi Ray,

    According to the latest MSPFlasher user guide, XP is not supported, so I suspect somewhere between 1.3.4 and 1.3.20 support for XP was dropped. I do not know which version of MSPFlasher XP stopped supporting XP.  I'll have to ask our SW team.

  • Hi Dennis,

    Good Day. Is there any update with regards with this? Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    Ray Vincent

  • Hi Ray,

    Sorry that it has taken a while to get comments back from our SW team.


    From my research, while I don’t see a reason the code itself doesn’t work with Windows XP, and it’s potentially possible for Visual Studio 2017 to support XP, it’s clear from the newest documents that the tool doesn’t officially support it. I’m skeptical that it would magically work on Windows XP, but I don’t have a machine on which to verify.

    From the user’s guide, 1.3.7,  the last version of MSP-Flasher where I can find explicit reference to supporting Windows XP. However, this version doesn’t seem to support 64-bit Linux.

    • Windows 7 32/64 bit
    • Window 8 32/64 bit
    • Window XP 32/64 bit
    • Ubuntu 12.04 32bit

    I’ve been trying to replicate some of the setup to the best of my ability.

    • The DLL file should contain the firmware and the interface functions that are necessary for the msp-flasher to interact with the MSP-FET. If the MSP-FET has a different firmware version (which is likely for different MSP-Flasher versions). It’s going to want to force an update, even if the FW version on the FET is newer.
    • If the MSP-Flasher version matches from the XP side and the Linux Side, then the Flasher seems to work fine and operate as intended.
    • Like the customer, on my Linux version (Ubuntu 18.04), my update will sometimes not work on the Linux side. Additionally, I’ll sometimes get an interface error where the device can’t connect.
      • However, I’m then able to try and update again successfully after that simply by running the MSP Flasher multiple times. I do know that any sort of USB hub may cause the update to fail, so it may be worthwhile to ask about the customer setup.

     Bottom line, though, if the customer is able to consistently update the MSP-FET on the windows XP side with 1.3.14, I believe Linux should not try to update and function correctly.



  • Hi Ray,

    It's been a while since we have heard from you, so I'm going to assume you were able to move forward with your project.
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