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CAPTIVATE-FR2633: Using gestures on the BSWP panel to set a PWM output

Part Number: CAPTIVATE-FR2633


I am trying to use a double tap gesture on the BSWP panel to toggle a PWM output on/off from pin 1.2 on the CAPTIVATE-FR2633 development board. I have already been successful turning a PWM output on without using a gesture, now I am trying to add the gesture as a means of control. I used the Gesture-based capacitive touch speaker interface reference design as a template, which uses a state machine to track the user's gesture inputs. I begin by initializing the GPIO and setting up the Timer0_A module. I set bit 2 of P1OUT to low. Then the callback function for the button group is registered. If the call back registers a doubletap, then I toggle bit 2 of P1OUT to turn it on/off. The main loop then begins. So far, the if statement checking for double taps is being entered, and the relevant bit is being toggled, but I don't see any PWM output from 1.2. Curiously enough I am also only seeing button 6 registering a gesture, the other buttons don't appear to detecting gestures. Any thoughts? The relevant code is placed below. 

void main(void)
	// Initialize the MCU
	// BSP_configureMCU() sets up the device IO and clocking
	// The global interrupt enable is set to allow peripherals
	// to wake the MCU.



	// Turn both LEDs to show POR activity.

	// Start the CapTIvate application


    /*** Disable watchdog timer**/

    /*** GPIO Set-Up ***/
    PM5CTL0 &= ~LOCKLPM5;  // Engage GPIOs
    P1DIR |= BIT2; //Set pin 1.2 to the output direction.
    P1SEL1 |= BIT2; //Select pin 1.2 as our PWM output.
    P1OUT &= ~BIT2; // P1.2 set LOW
    TA0CCR0 = 2000-1; //Set the period in the Timer A0 Capture/Compare 0 register to 2000 us.
    TA0CCR2 = 1000; //The period in microseconds that the power is ON. It's half the time, which translates to a 50% duty cycle.
    TA0CCTL2 = OUTMOD_7; // Set PWM to reset/set mode

    /*** Timer0_A Set-Up ***/
    TA0CTL = TASSEL_2 | MC_1; //TASSEL_2 selects SMCLK as the clock source, and MC_1 tells it to count up to the value in TA0CCR0.

    __bis_SR_register(LPM0_bits); //Switch to low power mode 0.

	// Background Loop
		// Run the captivate application handler.

    // ! Button handler
    // ! This Handler is the callback function for this sensor and is called
    // ! automatically each time after the sensor is scanned.
    // ! Handler must first be registered as the sensor's callback.
    // ! See Demo_init() to see example usage.
    void keypadSensorHandler(tSensor *pSensor)
         gesture_t gesture;

         if (FIRST_TOUCH)
         else if(EXIT_TOUCH)

         gesture = processButtonGroupGesture(pSensor);

         // Check if valid gesture
         if(gesture == eNoGesture)


         if(gesture == eDoubleTap){
             P1OUT ^= BIT2; // P1.2 Toggle (PWM Output)
Thank you in advance for your help.