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Can't find "no rtos" examples for MSP432P401R.

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I have deleted my CCS9 and install new CCS

When trying to search for examples in the resource explorer for my board of MSP432P401R lunchpad, i cant find any "no-rtos" examples. (attached screenshot of what i have)

This also prevent me from open any new project based on an example for my board of MSP432P401R lunchpad!

I have tryed also to compile an old project based on driverlib, and uperantly it is not installed.

How to get back all the examples i had in the old CCS9?

P.S. i have put "i dont have P/N" on this request because the site said that MSP432Pxxxxxxx is not recognize - does TI eliminate this family?


Ofer Zilberberg

  • Hi Ofer, 

    Since the new version of CCS was released, unfortunately the MSP432P library did not accompany its update, I also asked the Texas engineers the same question, but they did not commit to giving an answer that confirms the fate of this board. However, if you do a search on the company's website, you will come across some broken links, regarding the documentation of the MSP432P401R platform. Soon it is possible that it will be discontinued.

    Link.:      RE: Is there any problem with SimpleLink msp432P4?     

    Armando Biza

  • P.S. i have put "i dont have P/N" on this request because the site said that MSP432Pxxxxxxx is not recognize - does TI eliminate this family?

    What is odd about the MSP432P parts is they went from being ACTIVE on Aug 29 2021 (as seen in the archived product page to just disappearing from the the TI list of products on the web site.

    This seems at odds with the Product life cycle which says:

    To aid customer decision-making when selecting products, we clearly designate the product status of each product as preview, active, not recommended for new designs (NRND), last time buy or obsolete.

    Normally when a product become NRND or OBSOLETE the product web page remains visible but with an updated status.

  • We are rebuid the content of MSP432P series. Please reach out to your TI sales representative for direct support and technical content access.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I dont think they will close this line because it equiped with ADC14 which is unic for this series (unlike normal ADC12).

    The main problem currently is that resource explorer cant find any simplelink pack for MSP432P !!!.

    Best regards

    Ofer Zilberberg

  • Thanks Eason.

    In the mean time - can you direct me (and all others) how to install the simplelink MSP432P suport package into CCS10, since resource explorer cant find it?


    Ofer Zilberberg

  • Hi

    I have found and download the file simplelink_msp432p4_sdk_3_40_01_02.exe. when running it - it extract files into my C:\TI under a new directory C:\ti\simplelink_msp432p4_sdk_3_40_01_02\.

    However my CCS10 (after restart) does not recognize this new instalation, and trying to import an compile one of the "no rtos" examples of "adc14_single_conversion_repeat_timera_source" ends up with an error: recipe for target 'adc14_single_conversion_repeat_timera_source.obj' failed
    gmake: *** No rule to make target 'C:/Users/User/workspace_v10/.metadata/.plugins/com.ti.ccstudio.project.ui/volatile/msp432_driverlib_3_21_00_05/driverlib/MSP432P4xx/ccs/msp432p4xx_driverlib.lib', needed by 'all'.
    "../adc14_single_conversion_repeat_timera_source.c", line 64: fatal error #1965: cannot open source file "driverlib.h"
    1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "../adc14_single_conversion_repeat_timera_source.c".
    Compilation terminated.
    gmake: *** [adc14_single_conversion_repeat_timera_source.obj] Error 1

    What should i do (how to correctly install it) ?

    Please help.


    Ofer Zilberberg

  • It seems that it can't find the driverlib file "msp432p4xx_driverlib.lib" or "driverlib.h".

    Can you check you can open driverlib.h in the CCS?

  • Dear Eason

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes i got this. while the CCS project search for deriverlib.h in 'C:/Users/User/workspace_v10/.metadata/.plugins/com.ti.ccstudio.project.ui/volatile/msp432_driverlib_3_21_00_05/driverlib/MSP432P4xx/ccs/msp432p4xx_driverlib.lib', 

    The installation of simplelink_msp432p4_sdk_3_40_01_02.exe put it in: C:\ti\simplelink_msp432p4_sdk_3_40_01_02\source\ti\devices\msp432p4xx\driverlib.

    So the project cant find it. however it was said in TI site that this will install all needed suport, and CCS10 should find all new resources after restart.

    Apperantly it is not !!!

    1) is there another way to install simplelink_msp432p4_sdk_3_40_01_02.exe so actual location on disk, and the search path of the examples will be alligned?

    2) If the answer to 1) is no - what should i do to fix it?

    Please help me to gain back access to driverlib and all its examples since lot of people will be interested in such a solution.


    Ofer Zilberberg

  • Just a reference, you can load the driverlib path into the project: