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MSP430FR5738: MSP-FLASHER for MSP430 - release with MSP Debug Stack available?

Part Number: MSP430FR5738
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSPDS, MSP-FLASHER, UNIFLASH


our project is upgrading to latest IAR EW430 7.21.1, which contains (as listed on and MSP Debug Stack v3.15.1.1. For flashing we use MSP Flasher. Usually I upgrade it along with IAR to get a matching msp430.dll version, so that the FET debugger is not confused about upgrading/downgrading its firmware version when switching between IAR and MSP Flasher use.

But I cannot find a MSP Flasher version that contains the latest MSP Debug Stack version. In the release notes I can only find 1.3.19 to have MSP Debug Stack v3.14.0.0, but 1.3.20 does not list any update to MSP Debug Stack v3.15.1.1 - also this MSP flasher release is older than the release date 6/12/2020 of MSPDS.

Is there a MSP Flasher release containing MSP Debug Stack v3.15.1.1 downloadable?
If yes, can you please send me the link?
If not, please create this release!

  • I'm contacting the team responsible for the MSP-FLASHER and will get back to you soon.

  • Hi C Luszick,

    Have you used our UniFlash platform before? I believe this could be a good alternative and has been updated recently. I think the IAR does flash the device so, are you using the IAR to program and test on one device then using the flasher to update many devices? or is there a different reason you are using both?



  • Beside MSP-FLASHER the IAR IDE is mainly used on the developer PCs for flashing, but for testing systems and production flashing, we need to rely on a simple command line interface like MSP-FLASHER does it perfectly - IAR is not installed on those systems. But as the scripts for the latter are also developed on developer PCs, we update all tools consistently as noted in my initial post.

    I have not yet used UniFlash so far, as it means probably to update the scripts we already have and also I do not know whether there is a similar command line interface and whether the UniFlash can be stored in a portable way, so that only copy and execute is possible instead of needing manual installations on taget PCs.

  • Luckily, UniFlash does have a CLI option the UniFlash Quick Start Guide could help you here. Considering that UniFlash is the most up to date it would be a better investment for the future if you want to update with IAR. Although, the DLL has been stable and no changes have been done that should break compatibility, so if you want to keep the current version of MSP-Flasher is should work but, this hasn't been validated.



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