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MSP430FR4133: MCU select for ADC and UART

Part Number: MSP430FR4133

Our customer has a product for measuring distance. We need to identify the phase change of a 5KHz sine wave signal, which jumps every second, but the phase angle changes with the distance measured by the difference, which needs to be solved. Now it is necessary to select an MCU with ADC function. When the sampling accuracy is 10 bits, it is required to sample more than 20 points within 0.2ms, and there is also a UART. Is there a suitable model recommended? I heard that ti will recommend a new generation of M3 MCU, and can also recommend models ready for mass production.

  • Hello HY,

    There are many MSP430s that can meet this requirement.  Have you tried looking at the on-line MCU selector to narrow down the possibilities?

  • 20 ADC samples within 200us sounds like about 100ksps. The ADC is capable of doing this, but you may find that you don't have time to do much of anything else. Possibilities:

    1) DMA won't reduce the per-sample arithmetic you need, but it will avoid per-sample ADC service. As far as I know, none of the FR2/FR4 series has DMA, so for this you should probably look to the FR59 or F5 series.

    2) If you have in mind to measure zero-crossings, the eCOMP comparator, available on many (most?) of the FR2 series, claims 1us propagation delay (0.1us on the FR2355). This would reduce your event rate (timer capture) from 100kHz to 5kHz.

    I'm not aware of any new Cortex-M devices coming out (and the -M3 in particular seems low-probability), but TI doesn't tell me its plans.

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