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EVM430-FR6043: EVM430-FR6043 cannot calibrate value

Part Number: EVM430-FR6043


I used EVM430-FR6043 for water flow project facing some issue cannot calibrate the value. 

2. I used the USS Software and follow demo code

3. Use the following setting to calibrate the evk board, then it shows error can't proceed to next step. 

can you suggest any method to get over the error?

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  • Hi Felix,

    Let me check into this for you.

  • EVM430FR6043 for ultrasonic water meter

    in case the water stops flowing Why is the sample program constantly calculating the volume of water?

  • Hi,

    Your calibration parameters do not look right. 

    Assume the flow rate range of your meter is 20LPH to 4000LPH. Then you want to separate the whole flow rate range into 3 ranges. In each range, it uses dedicated calibration parameter to calibrate the flow rate. In this case, suppose the three rages are 20LPH to 220LPH, 220LPH to 1250LPH and 1250LPH to 4000LPH. And in each ranges, you will need at least two different flow rate points(use the Expected VFR and mean VFR) to calculate the calibration parameter(the slope and offset) for this range. Repeat this process until you get all the calibration parameter for all the ranges. 

    In your figure, I saw you set 8 ranges as total. However, you do not fill in any data for range 4 to range 8. And I also do not find how do you set the calibration parameter for range 1 to 3. 

    For example, we use 3 calibration ranges for 20LPH to 4000LPH. Range 1 is 20LPH to 220LPH. Range 2 is 220LPH to 1250LPH and range 3 is 1250LPH to 4000LPH. We know that the accuracy for range 1 is ±3% and for range 2&3 is ±1.5%. Type it into the Error threshold column. Then we have 5 flow rates calibration data in range 3. Type in the Number of points column. Then click Range 3 to edit all those 5 flow rates data. Enter the Expected VFR data which is the exact flow rate you getting from a reference meter. And enter the flow rate you get from the USS library in the mean VFR. After you fill in all the 5 flow rates data, the slope and offset are automatically generated. If the data are all green, that means you calibration parameters are fine. If not, you might need to add more ranges. 


    Best regards,

    Cash Hao

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