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MSP430F5507: BSL sector verification

Part Number: MSP430F5507
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSPBSL

Hello Team,

My customer wanted to confirm if there's any code pre-loaded in the BSL sector? They are aware that you can load your own code in that sector.  If I am understanding this correctly, if I invoke the BSL, even on a blank controller, nothing will happen? Also, the MSPBSL_CUSTOMBSL430 contains everything that the SLAU319 is referencing when trying to use the BSL?



  • Hello Renan,

    Every BSL capable MSP430 MCU has a BSL when leaving TI factory. Int he case of MSP430F5xxx devices, this means the BSL Flash area has the device's appropriate BSL programmed into it. So invoking BSL on a blank device, puts you into the BSL. 

  • Hello Jace,

    Thank you for this response. Is that programmed sector locked? Or will it be erased when reflashing the controller using JTAG programming during development?

    I've read that it has a lock and password protected to prevent accidental rewrite, but I cannot find if that only applies during the BSL loading process or if it's from JTAG.


  • Hello Renan,

    It depends on your settings and how you access the BSL. In other words, all scenarios are possible, but by default CCS->JTAG does not erase BSL area unless you purposely tell it to. BSL area is outside the typical FLASH memory map, but can be accessed. So if you load a binary that goes tot he area you could overwrite the BSL. More information can be found int he device  datasheet and the MSP430 FLASH BSL User Guide

    For more information about locking from communication point of view, check out the MSP Code Protection Features app note. 

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