MSP430FR6047: Device stopped working after performing measurements with some hot water

Part Number: MSP430FR6047


I've been using the MSP430FR6047 evaluation board to test some transducers at zero flow conditions using water. I am using the USS GUI to drive the sensors, look at the signals, and record data.

First, I did measurements with water at room temperature. They were good. Then, I added some hot water and measured for some time. Also good.

However, when I wanted to measure again with water at room temperature, I get an error saying that there are no signals detected in upstream and downstream channels.

I used an oscilloscope, and saw BOTH the transmitted and received pulses. This means, the sensor is not broken, and the chip is transmitting correctly.

So I wanted to ask what happened? Is there something that got stored within the evaluation board that is not being updated? Is there a way to reset it to its original (factory) conditions? I tried the reset button but it didn't work.

I would appreciate any help you could provide me.

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