EVM430-FR6043: Noisy measurements with the evaluation board

Part Number: EVM430-FR6043


I'm using the EVM430FR6043 for a gas meter configuration and i have a noise problem. I use 200 kHz transducer (AT200 from AIRMAR) spaced of 8 cm. After following the user guide and also flash the binaries to the evaluation board I always have a noise issue.

Here is my pin configuration for the board, one of the noisy ADC capture (noise in red) and noisy spikes ATOF and DTOF at 0 flow :

I tried multiples configurations, more and less amplification, differents distances, gap measurements, reflashing the board, redownlaoding the GUI and even all that on a second EVM430FR6043 board and on a second PC. I always have the issue. Then i noticed that when there is no wire, the noise is about +-20 amplitude counts on ADC capture but when i plug one wire on X1 or X2 on J5 or J6 but not connected to a tranducer, I already have the noise. Here is a screenshot of this situation :

(if i connect one DNS wire i have the noise also on this channel)

My guess is the noise come from the USB cable but at such a high level I don't understand why and I don't know what to do ?

Do you have any suggestions ? (I can't test now your suggestions because I'm on vacation until the end of June but I will read and answer on the forum)

Best regards,

Nicolas Coinin

  • Hello Nicolas,

    Sorry for the delay in response.  I hope the weather is beautiful where ever you are and you are enjoying your vacation.

    When you return, can you take a screen shot of your GUI "Parameters" and "Advanced Parameters" so I can see your settings?

  • Hello,

    Of course, i'll come back the 27/06 with screenshots.


    Nicolas C.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    I would expect noise. You are creating an antenna if you only connect a piece of wire to the CH0 or CH1 input.  Have you tried shielding the transducer wires by wrapping the entire length of wires in a braided shield, copper tape or aluminum tin-foil and connect to ground?  Also, to see if the noise is from USB, power the board from +5v bench supply?

  • Hi Dennis,

    I have not tried shielding my wires yet and for the external supply i had problems to make it work, maybe I have not follow the instructions of the user guide correctly. I'm working with other stuff this week but I will try shielding my wires before the end of the week and also give you screenshots of my GUI parameters.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Hello Dennis,

    I've tried shielding my wires and for one tranducer it worked I have no noise anymore but for the other one, the noise persists. Maybe I should try other wires and reshelding it.

    Here are my GUI parameters :



  • Hi Nicolas,

    It's been a couple of days and I was curious if you had success shielding both transducers?  Can you share a photo showing how you shielded the transducers?

  • Hi Nicolas,

    It's been a while since we have heard from you, so I'm going to assume you were able to move forward with your project.
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