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MSP430F67471A: BSL TEST and RST pin polarity

Part Number: MSP430F67471A

I am attempting to load firmware onto the MSP430F67471A using the provided (factory programmed) UART BSL. My understanding is that the RST and TEST pins need to be toggled in the correct sequence to start the BSL. Below is the sequence from the MSP430 Flash Devices Bootloader (BSL) User Guide. The red text indicates the MCU pins these signals are connected to on my PCB. 


In the sequence above, the pattern to the right of the red TEST and RST text appears to be correct, but there is no response from the BSL.

When TEST is inverted as shown above, I receive error messages from the BSL (0x52 checksum incorrect and 0x51 incorrect header) which seems to indicated that the BSL is being activated.

Why does it appear that TEST needs to be inverted to activate the BSL?

I am using python-msp430-tools to generate the signals above and I am unsure why the signals toggle like they do to the left of the red text in both images but that may be part of the issue. 

Also, I believe the checksum and incorrect header errors are not related to this issue and will need to be debugged separately. If someone thinks otherwise, please let me know. 

Thanks for the help. 

  • I think there may be some problem with this part:

    I think you can refer to this:

    Here is one of my capture:


  • Thanks Eason. Your response made me realize that the MSP430F67471A has shared JTAG pins with the BSL. Figure 1-3 in my original post was incorrect sense it was for dedicated JTAG pins. Figure 1-2 below (from the MSP430 Flash Devices Bootloader (BSL) User Guide) is the correct sequence for this part. The BSL entry sequence appears to be working as expected now that I am referencing the correct sequence. 

    One follow-up: Where did Figure 12 in your post come from? I checked a few likely documents but I could not find it. 

    Also, thank you for the capture. It will be helpful as I continue to debug this interface. 

  • Can I ask you something? You fixed the BSL, then loaded it into the MCU. Then load the application program, and call the BSL program from the application program to do the OTA.

  • I am using the preloaded BSL and have not loaded a BSL to the MCU. My BSL interface still needs debugging and is currently not functional. The above question was related to the starting sequence for the BSL and that portion of the interface appears to be working as expected. 

  • You can start BSL program with software. 

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