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MSP430F5304 Power Supply

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Can someone please let me know how to set up the power supply for the MSP430F5304 in case I do not want to use the internal LDO? After browsing through the datasheet, the family user´s guide, frantically looking for an appnote and having a look at the MSP430F534x target board, my current assumption is as follows:

- Supply 1.8...3.6 V to AVCC, DVCC, and LDOO

- Connect LDOI to GND

- Connect VCORE to GND via 470 nF.


I would be most grateful to get this confirmed or corrected. Thank you.

  • Yes, but I would leave LDOO open since it is the output of the internal LDO.  As far as I know, LDOO does not power anything internally.  It is intended for your external use as needed.  You are not using the internal LDO, so you can leave it open.

    Did you see something in the target board that steered you that way?  Just curious in case I'm missing something.


  • Jeff,

    thank you for confirming.

    Regarding external power to LDOO, I am referring to, page 81, table 54:

    "PU.1 and PU.0 inputs and outputs are supplied from LDOO. LDOO can be generated by the device using the integrated 3.3-V LDO when enabled. LDOO can also be supplied externally when the 3.3-V LDO is not being used and is disabled."

    Currently, I am not using the PU, so I could just as well leave LDOO open.



  • Oh yeah, of course.  Sorry for the mindless answer.  Yes PU.0 and PU.1 are powered by LDOO.  And I had totally forgotten that you can supply LDOO externally, probably because after I read about it I decided to leave it open in my applications.  All in all, I'd say my answer was pretty useless!  ;-)  Cheers!


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