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ADC Noise specs in MSP430F2419

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What are the noise specifications for the ADC of the MSP430F2419?

  • There are no noise specifications posted for the ADC12. All data that's available is in the device datasheet (integral and differential linearity, offset, gain and the total unadjusted error).

    Since the ADC12 is an SAR-type ADC and has a sample&hold circuit, there is no signal noise during conversion and any noise introduced by the conversion circuitry itself is far below 1 LSB. Also, the S&H input forms an RC low-pass, increased by the sampling time. After the sampling stage, the input is deconnected from the sampling capacitor, so the sampled voltage is noise-free at this point.

    Noise can be an issue with the reference (which must be properly filtered if used externally). And it is of course an issue for the Delta-Sigma converters (e.g. the SD16), where the input signal is applied to the circuit continuously during the whole conversion time.