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EVM430-FR6047: About Parameters and Noise

Part Number: EVM430-FR6047

To whom it may concern

I have two questions.

1.What parameter is the Search Range in the image below?

      What happens when I change this value?

2.Is it possible to detect abnormalities such as noise in ADCCapture?

  • Hi Masaki Kubota,

    The search range has to do with the Time of Flight parameter, more information can be found in the User's Guide in the configuration section. (The User's Guide is included in the docs after you download the USS Library)

    The ADC Capture will show you a visual graph of the ADC capture, further information will have to be extrapolated from the data that can be saved to a csv file. (The User's Guide explains further on the ADC capture functionality)



  • Hi Luke

    Thank you for your answer.
    The "the User's Guide in the configuration section." that you gave me is the section in the image below, correct?

    I am sorry, but this explanation does not make complete sense to me.
    My understanding is that it is a parameter related to the calculation of absoluteTOF, and that it is the number of points used for parabolic interpolation when calculating the peak of each lobe.
    If I set it at 3, I imagine that 3 points are calculated each time to detect the peak. Is my understanding correct?
    Also, it says "Min = (Signal Sampling Freq. / Transducer Freq.)", but if Signal Sampling Freq=3600 and Transducer Freq=1050, the minimum value is 3.4. In this case, should Search Range be set to 4 instead of 3?
    Does increasing the Search range value increase absoluteTOF accuracy? Are there any disadvantages to increasing the Search Range?


  • Hi Masaki,

    Apologies for the delay while E2E was down.

    According to the Water Flow Meter quick start guide (SLAU810), "Search Range" is unused except in gas algorithms.

    Best Regards,
    Brandon Fisher

  • Hi Brandon

    Thank you for your response.
    I understood that this parameter is not relevant for water flow measurement.
    Thank you very much.

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