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MSP-EXP430F5529: MSP-EXP430F5529 Experimenter Board - User Experience Code Won't Build

Part Number: MSP-EXP430F5529

Just received one of the Experimenter Boards and the built in User Experience demo runs fine on the board. I created two projects by importing (copying) the example projects to a new workspace for my own mods & development, specifically for MicroSD cards, and USB.

Project = MSP-EXP430F5529 User Experience

This fails to build: program will not fit into available space - I'm using the free version of CCS v, am I hitting the limits of the free version? Also I don't see anywhere to buy the "full featured" version?

See first screen shot below.

Project = MSP-EXP430F5529 User Experience_16KB

I thought this smaller version would build Ok, but get a different error:

 "../lnk_msp430f5529.cmd", line 126: warning: Linker command file has no
sections of type=VECT_INIT, but does contain .intXX sections. This file may
be out of date. Generating interrupt pointers for all .intXX sections. The
default handler provided in the RTS will be used if no other handler is
found. It is recommend that you update your linker command file to the
latest version.

See related screen shots


  • Try enabling the Optimizer. I have seen "User Experience" programs that wouldn't fit into memory with -O0 -- I suppose they try to pack in everything they can.

    As far as I know all recent versions of CCS (since v6 I think) are full-featured.

    It looks like the 16KB version of the program came with a library (xxxUE.lib) which might need to be rebuilt.

  • Thanks Bruce, 

    That fixed the problem with the large project version. Just switching from Debug to Release fixed it. Tried all variants of Compiler Optimizer, and got the same results - it builds.

    Properties | Compile | Optimization |

    All 5 checked - builds                                                      RAM 69%, Flash 96%, Flash2 12%

    Last 4 of 5 checked – builds                                          RAM 69%, Flash 96%, Flash2 12%

    Last 3 of 5 checked – builds                                          RAM 69%, Flash 96%, Flash2 12%

    2 of 5 checked, inline function – builds                    RAM 69%, Flash 96%, Flash2 12%

    0 of 5 checked – builds                                                  RAM 69%, Flash 96%, Flash2 12%

    At 96% of Flash, it wouldn't take much to be too big, and I would guess that a Debug build has to have some hooks in the code.

    I've run out of RAM before, but never Flash, glad to hear that CCS is free.


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