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EVM430-FR6047: About how to flash HID Bridge and eZFET firmware to two MSP430F5528 chips on EVM430-FR6047 board

Part Number: EVM430-FR6047
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-FET, , MSP430F5528, MSP430G2452

There is a post thread about EVM430-FR6047: HID Bridge Communication Firmware (MSP430F5528) related to my questions

Post is as below

Srinivas replied:

Attached the .zip file that contains the TI_MSP_HIDBRIDGE__1_00_03_00__BANSHEE-USS-EVM.txt in addition to a batch file to load it.


If you use MSPFlasher, all you need to do is run Program_AIO.bat as it contains everything that needs to be flashed to the ezfet and hid bridge. You might need to modify Program_AIO.bat to point to the directory the files are installed in.

My questions are 

1. there are two F5528 MCUs (one is for HID Bridge, the other is for eZFET). My understanding is taht we need to connect MSP-FET to J100 to download EZFET_Rev1_2_BSL_1_2_noHs.txt and EZFET_FW_1_00.txt. After that, connect MSP-FET to J200 to download TI_MSP_HIDBRIDGE__1_00_03_00__BANSHEE-USS-EVM.

   1.1 From Srinivas' reply, it seems that we can flash the 2 F5528 MCUs by just running the batch file to make them work. How come? 

   1.2 Why do we need to flash both BSL and ezFET to a F5528 for ezFET function? F5528 has a factory default BSL. What is the purpose of flash the BSL(EZFET_Rev1_2_BSL_1_2_noHs.txt) for eZFET function?

2. For eZFET functionality, seems there is an another MSP430MCU(G2452 to provide 3.3 voltage and energy trace function of ezFET) besides a F5528 MCU on the EVM board. If the G2452 is a blank chip (it means just purchase from Digikey, no binary firmware in MCU).  do we need to download a specific FW to the G2452MCU to make the ezFET work?  or we can still use eZFET function without energy trace as long as F5528 has the right firmware? If that is the case, what is the real purpose of the G2452 on the board?

  • Hi David,

    There are three MCU in EVM board:

    F5528  No1 -> HID-Bridge function, used to communication with MSP430 via I2C or UART, and connect with USS GUI.

    F5528  No2 -> eZ-FET function for MSP430 debug.

    G2452  -> Enerytrace function for current measurement.

    And there are a USB-COMM device to combo two F5528 USB com to one.

    BTY, why you need to download image into EVM board(F5528)?


    Best Regards


  • Hi Johnson,

    Thanks for the reply. We want to make an EVM430-FR6047 board by ourselves for the ultrasonic flow meter project development.

    My questoins are

    1. From Srinivas's reply, seems we can flash the HID bridge and eZFET functions by just running the batch file provided by him on the post. How to do it? We have a MSP-FET emulation tool. My understanding is to connect the MSP-FET to J100 header to flash one F5528. After it completes, connect to J200 header to flash another F5528. Am I right?  Below is the batch file for your convenience. 


    @echo off
    C:\Flasher\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSP430Flasher.exe -n MSP430F5528 -w "EZFET_Rev1_2_BSL_1_2_noHs.txt" -u -b -v
    if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto error

    C:\Flasher\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSP430Flasher.exe -n MSP430F5528 -w "EZFET_FW_1_00.txt" -u -v
    if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto error

    echo Connect to HID Bridge
    C:\Flasher\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSPFlasher_1.3.10\MSP430Flasher.exe -n MSP430F5528 -w "TI_MSP_HIDBRIDGE__1_00_03_00__BANSHEE-USS-EVM.txt" -u -b -v
    if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto error

    echo Done


    2. Why do we flash the BSL, then flash eZFET binary to a F5528 for the ezFET function? I mean why do we need to flash a BSL binary as each F5528 chip has a built-in factory BSL on the flash.

    3. MSP430G2452 is a blank chip with only built-in factory BSL when it is purchased from Digikey. You mentioned "Energy-trace function for current measurement". If there is no FW downloaded to G2452, the chip cannot be used. But we can still use ezFET, am I right?

  • Hi David,

    Q1 : Correct.

    Q2: BSL is a download image method, F5528 support USB prepherals, thus we can plug-in to PC via USB cable, then download image(MSP-FET function) into F5528. Of crouse , you can use MSP-FET to download image into F5528.

    Q3: Yes, G2452 don't have any image only have BSL funciton in factory. But I am not sure if don't downoad image will affect VCC power. You can try to measure VCC voltage with a blank F2452, if the voltage is 3.3V, there will be OK.


    Best Regards


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