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MSP430FR50431: Using the Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center with the Controller on custom pcb with MSP-FET

Part Number: MSP430FR50431

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on the implementation of a gas metering application in our product with the MSP430FR50431.

Is there a way to get this controller working with the Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center with the controller connected via a MSP-FET porgrammer?

I tried to flash the image provided in the example code for the FR6043 but the different controller I'm using does not get recognized by the program with this image flashed.

Can you provide me information to this project? Can I find an image somewhere that I can flash on the FR50431 in order to get it recognized in the Design Center ?

Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Lukas B.

  • Hi Lukas

    Please check the configuration differece between FR5043 and FR6043

    >> I tried to flash the image provided in the example code for the FR6043 but the different controller I'm using does not get recognized by the program with this image flashed.

    Please check  the peripheral usage of the FR6043 example code

    I think it is doable to use FR6043 example code on FR5043.


  • Thank you for your response. So is it possible to connect the FR50431 to the design center with an MSP-FET when it's flashed with the (adapted) example code?

  • Hi Lukas

    I think FR5043 and FR50431 can be connected to MSP-ULTRASONIC-DESIGN-CENTER because they are the MCUs with Ultrasonic Sensing AFE.

    but I recommend you can start from MSP430FR6043 ultrasonic sensing evaluation module


  • The first tests have been performed with the EVM-430-FR6043 board, however we want to implement a different controller (e.g. FR50431) because we don't need the LCD module. Can you explain to me how I can connect a controller that is implemented into a custom pcb to the design center via jtag and and MSP-FET programmer?

  • Hi Lukas

    Please refer to  MSP430FR6043-based ultrasonic gas flow meter quick start guide (Rev. B)

    in case the custom board is used, customer board needs to be connected to J1 of EVM-430-FR6043 to connect with design center through 5528 on this EVM


  • Hi,
    I tried several of the approaches. It is not possible to compile the example code ("MSP430FR6043EVM_USS_Gas_Demo") in CodeComposerStudio for the FR50431 due to the differences between the chips. Can you provide me information on how to compile the example code for my chip used? Or can you provide me a built image of that code that I can flash on my FR50431 with uniflash?
    Thank you in advance, as I don't know how to proceed with the development.

  • Hi Lukas

    As the previous discussion, I think the main difference between FR6043 and FR5043 is the LCD peripheral.

    I will check if there is any LCD usage on the FR6043 example code. if I can find something, I will update to you.


  • Good morning, have you been able to look through the code? Are you generally allowed to give me example code for other chips?


  • Hi Lukas

    As the previous discussion, the difference between  FR6043 and FR5043 are LCD.

    I try run the example project on UltrasonicGasFR6043, I can see the reason the project can't pass the compile on FR5043 should be LCD (ENABLE_LCD)

    So far, I still need time to check how to configure the project on FR5043. 

    I will update the solution once I find the approach.


  • Hi Lukas,

    For software changes needed for FR5043, please refer to the attached document.

    Best regards,

    Cash Hao

  • Good morning,

    thank you very much for the changed code that you provided! It is much apprechiated!

    Although I still run into the issue, that the chip is not recognized properly- I get the error from hal_system.h from those lines:

    #if (__EVM430_ID__!=0x43)
    #error "EVM not supported by HAL layer"

    in which file can I change that __EVM430_ID__ value in order to get this working? or is it not allowed to change this value at all because of the hardware configuration?

    (i also get the error here; #if (__EVM430_ID__ == 0x43)
    #define I2CSLAVE__REQ_MASK                                               (BIT4)
    #elif (__EVM430_ID__ == 0x47)
    #define I2CSLAVE__REQ_MASK                                               (BIT5)
    #error "I2C Slave driver not supported or defined for EVM configuration"

    in i2cslave_defs.h but the reason is the same I assume)

    Thank you for your patience

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    You can change it in the predefined symbols in project properties. 

    Best regards,

    Cash Hao

  • Is there any chance you can provide a .out image of the code so I can at least try if my setup is working properly?

    as I'm getting errors all over the place with the example code while trying to compile.

    for example errors here: Tx_first_item.PayloadPtr = (uint8_t *) USS_getUPSPtr(); (GUI_Comm.c, L273, not enought arguments)

    or redefinitions of symbols ("#10056 symbol "__TI_int40" redefined: first defined in "./USS_Lib_HAL.obj"; redefined in "./timeout.obj""

    or unresolved symbols e.g. _IQ12div, _IQ17mpy, ...

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    You can try with this one. MSP430FR5043EVM_USS_Gas_Demo.out

    Best regards,

    Cash Hao

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